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Previously: The designers were challenged to design a look for Heidi Klum to wear on the cover of Marie Claire. We were told innumerable times just how much this was like the greatest prize ever given and, while that's true, it felt as if I were watching Lifetime: Television For Those With Short-term Memory Loss. Anthony won the challenge and really celebrated on the runway. It was charming and funny. Anna's outfit was deemed a combo of nauseating ingredients by Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. Harsh and not terribly instructive. So, Anna got the boot. Mila had the final choice of model. There were two blondes. She chose one of the blondes.

It appears to be, thanks to the pause button on my DVR, 7:10am in the Atlas building. Anthony is a morning person. He says, "Good morning, gorgeous!" to Seth Aaron, who stumbles into the kitchen looking for coffee. Anthony interviews that, after being in the bottom 3 several times, it is an amazing feeling to have won a challenge. The thing is, he didn't win immunity due to the reward for winning the challenge being THE GREATEST IN THE HISTORY OF PROJECT RUNWAY. So, he says that he needs to focus and keep his eye on the prize.

Janeane is getting ready in the girls' place and says to Maya that Anthony must be feeling great after being so close to elimination, but coming back to win. Maya is one of these things: not a morning person, not interested in Anthony's win, or not into talking to Janeane. Janeane interviews that she is feeling really drained. She had an audience with the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire and she really hated what she created. True, but at least she hated someone more than you!

Emilio and Jesse are still lying in their beds when Emilio declares that he's going to play it safe for the upcoming challenge. I don't know if that's because he's exhausted or what. Jesse tells him that being safe could get him kicked off. He further interviews that being safe or being in the bottom is no longer an option for him. He needs to start showing that he's a strong enough designer to be in the company of the other designers. Mila tells Janeane that she needs to hurry, because they have a date with Heidi on the runway. I sometimes feel that they draw straws daily and the designer who loses has to say the cheesy thing about leaving the apartment.

At Parsons, Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She tells them that, for this challenge, they will have new models. These models may not have a lot of experience but they are very attractive. Strippers!! No, it's little girls. All these tiny little girls walk onto the runway, accompanied by jaunty Project Runway music. They're so cute. Jesse interviews that this is going to be a nightmare. Jesse is like the Norman Mailer of fashion. Heidi explains that the challenge will be to create a kid's look that is age-appropriate and fashionable. Holy crap, one of those kids is like the cutest thing I've ever seen. Jesse says that everything (proportion, fit, vision etc.) changes when you are designing for a child.

The children have been randomly paired with the designers. They go down the line and say which designer they are working with. Sydney is Seth Aaron's kid and she's so cute that something just happened inside of me -- a chemical was released or an aorta died or something. I'm dying, she's so cute. Seth Aaron interviews that he has a daughter, so he knows that kids have very specific points-of-view when it comes to what they like and don't like. Hmm, this sounds kind of cynical, but kudos to Seth Aaron for not crying all of the time about how he loves his kid and he's just doing this for his kid. This is the first time he has even mentioned her. Perhaps they are estranged, but I would like to believe that Seth Aaron just has a little dignity and realizes that (unless he's designing for little girls) his daughter isn't really fodder for conversation in a fashion contest. Sylvie, who is Ben's model, already has the disinterested model thing down. She's far too cool for any of this. After we meet Jonathan's model, Fabriana, he interviews that children terrify him. He doesn't really have friends with kids and he doesn't really surround himself with them. "They are very small." Oh God, he's so scared. Emilio's kid, Lauren? Also so cute that something just snapped inside me. I think my spleen. Amy says that she is ecstatic about this challenge because she loves "mini clothes." That's the first funny thing that Amy has said. I love how serious she is and even how serious she is about loving tiny clothes. Heidi tells the designers that Tim will give them the details of the challenge in the workroom. Then, she snaps and all of the little girls follow her off of the runway.

At the workroom, the designers giggle when they find tiny dress forms. Tim enters and directs them to notecards pinned to the dress forms that detail the models' measurements. They will have 30 minutes to sketch, then they will go to Mood with a $50 budget. He says that they will have until midnight tonight to work on the looks and they won't see their models again until the following day. That sounds weird. They always get a chance to fit the model before the final fitting.

As they begin sketching, Jonathan says that he can't even draw children. He notes in an interview that the designers who have been winning have been innovative and risky; and he believes that's where his head should be. We hear him tell someone that he's designing a "kimono-sleeved romper." Wait, that's what he designed for the last challenge! Anthony points out that his designs are usually focused on accentuating the natural curves of a woman, but little girls don't have butts and boobs! Neither do models, but whatever. Jesse tell us that he's thinking of a trip to Paris that he took. He's going to try to use a "schoolgirl, Madeline" aesthetic.

Emilio says something interesting -- he feels that most of the designers are going to make a mistake by trying to put too much of themselves into their design. I wonder if he's just trying to justify his earlier decision to play it safe, because, otherwise, it's an idea that doesn't get a lot of thematic play on this show. At heart, the show's philosophy seems to be something along the lines of "Sure, you've never designed for/with blank, but if you just stay TRUE TO YOUR VISION AS A DESIGNER, you will be a winner in the end." Someone not being clear in their vision is often a criticism, even when it's a case of everyone having designed something pretty good and the real damnation was that there has to be a loser. Reality television is escapist for the most part (even when it's about losing weight or eating worms, there's nothing that takes you out of your own experience like watching actual people living) and it's not much of an escape to hear, "Yeah, that was good and your heart is pure, but you still lose." In any case, Emilio is trying to be low-key in his design. When I think of it, you can twist any designer's choice into either a praise or criticism of their aesthetic vision.

Tim enters and mentions that the room is dead silent. What is it about Tim's fear of this year's designers? Emilio says that they are all concentrating. Tim says that they can keep concentrating, but they'll have to do it as they proceed to Mood. Tim starts the 30-minute timer for the designers to shop while standing in front of a wall of buttons that I find hypnotic. I want it. There's a little dog (Boston Terrier?) in the store! Adorable. Seth Aaron explains that the key element of his look is going to be a hoodie, which he wants to make with black and white checked fabric or a houndstooth. He really has a problem finding what he needs. Emilio settles on a soft pink fabric. We are treated to a video response from Amy, who finds pink cliché. She thinks that they need to be a little more fashion-forward than pink. Man, Seth Aaron is really having a probl

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