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Soutache Her?

Miranda says that she can't even tell that Daniel's look is leather. Nina thinks that it looks like a tablecloth. She hates the cheap center seam though. She's surprised that he presented this. Heidi says that he just got officially yelled at by Nina Garcia. Zac worries that a lot of his work is starting to seem referential. Zac doesn't think that Samantha's look is nearly as interesting as the clothes that Samantha is wearing herself. Miranda agrees.

The judges confer. Heidi is happy that Amanda has bounced back. Heidi feels that Matt could do better. Nina agrees that he clearly has taste. They all hate how cheap Daniel's look was. Zac wonders if Daniel just isn't cool. The designers return and Miranda tells Richard that he's the winner of the challenge! She's going to wear his dress in performance. He's so excited. He and Stanley are in. Amanda and Benjamin are in. Samantha is in because of her immunity. That leaves Matt, Michelle and Daniel. Matt is out. Ah, that's sad. He cries in his interview that nothing as sad as his design had ever come out of him. He doesn't know why he wasn't confident. Boo. Michelle and Daniel are in. Tim comes in and says that he is sad that Matt almost seemed to send himself home. He interviews that he is so proud of himself for trying this. He thinks that showing up with a clear head was winning for him. I like him so much and I really hope things go really well for him.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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