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Soutache Her?

Richard's look is next and it's a success! It's a mesh black dress with black fringe on the front. Very sexy. He thinks that she looks like a rock goddess. Stanley made this black evening gown that is next. There is this leather belt and it has a plunging neckline. Gorgeous.

Afterwards, Heidi calls Patricia/Layana and Kate/Tu. They are both safe. Stanley/Richard and Benjamin/Amanda have the high scores and the judges are going to talk to them first. Backstage, Kate tells the losers that she doesn't think any of them did a horrible job.

Onstage, Heidi tells Richard that she thinks his dress looks expensive. Miranda warns against dresses being too short and thinks that Richard's is the correct length. Stanley says that he wanted to make something fresh and comfortable. Miranda worries that the excess fabric might make her look chubs. Nina thinks that it's beautiful but doesn't think it's right for Miranda. They both tell Heidi that they loved working together.

Nina thinks that Benjamin's dress is beautiful and elegant. Miranda doesn't think that she could fit any spanx under the garment. I mean, she might be right. That dress looks TIGHT. Heidi and Nina insist that she would look good in it and she relents. Amanda explains that she wanted to create a classic diva look. Also, her model is wearing a normal bra, which Miranda appreciates. Zac loves that she made cotton jersey chic. Nina loves it too. Heidi notes that Amanda was on the bottom last week.

The losers return. Michelle/Matt and Samantha/Daniel have their models beside them. Michelle says that she went rock n roll with her look. Heidi thinks that the look would land her on a worst dressed list. Miranda likes the vest, but Heidi says it's the whole look that matters. Everyone hates the necklace, but Michelle defends it. Zac says that it looks like linguini from his vantage point. Nina thinks that it looks like AC/DC, but Michelle says that she loves that too. She's doing an excellent job of defending her choices, that's for sure. Heidi knows that Matt may have detailed his look a lot, but you can't see it, which is fairly important for a stage costume. Matt apologizes and says that this isn't how he views Miranda. She tells him that she doesn't even want to talk about the dress, she wants to talk about the fact that he doesn't have any confidence in his craft. She even points out that Michelle stood by her design as they were pounding on it. She thanks him for thinking that she's cool though. That's kind of sweet, but also he's totally going home now.

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