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Soutache Her?

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. She introduces Zac, Nina and Miranda Lambert. She looks cute. Nina and Zac are wearing nutty outfits. Amanda's look is next and it's great. A black fringe dress with a silver necklace. Benjamin's look is so beautiful. It's just a blue strapless dress with some subtle bustle action, but the fabric is so sleek and it's just fitted beautifully.

Tu's look is next and I love it. Maybe a little too art star for a country artist, but it could happen. It's a sleeveless black dress with horizontal pleating all along the bodice. There are some bustle ruffles on the hips, but nothing too Gaga (Tim was worried about that before). Tu thinks his girl looks like a star. Kate loves her dress. You know, I don't love it, but it looks country. It's a long red gown and the bodice is leather. It's fitted and looks gorgeous. It's like a modern-day Britney in denim with JT.

Samantha's look is next. It's a leather vest with a black skirt that has that country look that's fitted at the top of the skirt and there are ruffles at the bottom. Not a terribly original idea (I imagine it's hard to not seem patronizing when you are creating looks for a genre so outside of what you maybe enjoy) but it's executed really beautifully. Daniel's look is next. It's not horrible, but it doesn't look smashing enough to wear on a red carpet. It's essentially a halter top with that soutache all over it and a long fitted skirt. It seems like a Dallas mother of the groom dress. She's a Zumba instructor.

Here's Matt's dress. It's just a short black dress with some lace on it. It looks like it would have been more appropriate for the ping-pong challenge. That said, it's not crap or anything. Michelle's dress is sort of a younger, trashier version of Daniel's. It's a leather vest and a long fitted skirt. She has also added this white fringe necklace that hangs down her entire front, like a mall Santa Claus on a beer break. Michelle loves it and wants to hang out with the girl wearing that outfit.

Next, we have Patricia's look. I really like it, but I'm down with this pow-wow chick thing that is happening. It's a simple brown brocade cocktail dress with this elaborate white fringe criss-crossing sheath on top. It's really beautiful and looks really sexy. Patricia is happy with how it turned out. Layana's look is next and it's a little simple. It's a midnight blue evening gown. There is some really interesting pleating on the bodice, but Layana is upset that you really can't see it from the runway.

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