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After he's gone, Matt tearfully laments feeling insecure, even at his age. Hold up- he's 30, right? I hate to break it to him, but age has NOTHING to do with insecurity. I think that shit's genetic. Or, at least, it's some immutable thing we learn at a young age like language. I do think we maybe reach an age when we're so exhausted that we can't be bothered to feel bad about ourselves about certain things, but maybe that's just another way to describe cynicism. I mean, I don't know the answers really to how we can remove insecurity from our lives, but I know it's certainly not going to help to make yourself feel old and immature on top of it. He says that he has to remind himself that he is one of sixteen designers that made it to the show. Good luck with that.

Layana says that she is concerned for Tu. She doesn't feel like his look fits Miranda, plus she says that he has time management issues. Tu says that he is going to follow Tim's advice, but he is actually worried about how much time he has. Amanda thinks that Richard is not going to have time to finish his dress, but he's less worried himself. Michelle is planning a weird necklace and does an impression of Nina hating it. Everyone loves it. It is pretty good.

The models come in for their fittings. Matt is nervous because his bodice is not fitting properly. Stanley is nervous that Richard's look isn't nearly finished. Apparently, Daniel is over the moon about his design, but Kate says that it's really not that good. She's not being a jerk either. She just thinks that maybe all of the winning has gone to his head. He's like the opposite of Matt, crippled by his own confidence.

Amanda is nervous about her fringe. She thinks she may have gotten ahead of herself with her design. She tells us that she is an overachiever and her brother is a rock star. He's a member of Maroon 5. This is such an odd thing to hear. Because of his success, she spent a lot of he adolescence feeling like she was in the shadows. She wants her family to be really proud of her.

Matt is really far behind. Michelle is very concerned, because she is almost finished. She's worried about being in the bottom. You should be. The next morning, Michelle tells everyone how nervous she is. She says that his skirt is going to be sad because there is not much time to finish it. Richard is a little worried because his look being so different.

At the workroom, Matt starts making a dress that he's not really excited about. Tim comes in to tell everyone that they have two hours before the show. The models come in. We see Daniel shredding the hem of his skirt with a fork. Eh. Stanley thinks that it cheapens the fabric. It looks pretty hokey. Richard finds a t-shirt that he bought at Mood to be the liner below his mesh dress! That is some smart thinking there. In hair and make-up, Matt tells the hair guy that he wants sorority hair for his girl. Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy is there in full effect, per uzh. Kate's model is a full two feet taller than her. Tim comes in and Stanley is still dressing his model. He is super nervous.

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