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Soutache Her?

He starts by talking to Samantha and Daniel who say that they are having a blast. Samantha describes her very detailed jacket, which Tu interviews that he loves. He's like, "Wow." Tim seems to like it as well. Daniel gets super technical talking about his design. We hear more about soutache, which still isn't really working itself into my brain as an actual thing. Tim seems disturbed by the center seam that Daniel has planned. Stanley explains that the bodice and the skirt create two v-shapes pointing at each other, which sound like maybe it emphasizes the crotch area or something? And that's a problem. Miranda Lambert will TELL you when she wants you to look at her crotch.

Layana explains her look to Tim and he thinks it feels modern. Patricia explains her look to Tim and he finds it exciting, though he was not excited by the minimal work that is on her dress form. Layana thinks that there is no way that she can finish in time. Kate describes her look and Tim seems ponderous. He asks to hear about Tu's look before he even comments. Amanda says that she's worried about Kate, because she has never seen Miranda Lambert wear the shape that Kate has created. Tu's plan is to exaggerate Miranda's curves. Tim is not excited. Truly, Miranda doesn't need any help in that department. Tu stands by the design, so now Kate is very nervous too. She suggests making it more fitted in ways that stick with what Tu sort of wanted and make Tim happy. Tu interviews that he's upset that Tim didn't like his design again. Poor Tu hasn't had much luck during this competition.

Stanley confidently describes his design and Tim is very enthusiastic about it. Richard is using a mesh fabric and his design is interesting, but there's nothing under the mesh. It's questionable. Layana thinks it's tacky. Amanda tells Tim about her fringe performance outfit. He's really excited about the movement that could happen. She's happy that she got a good critique from Tim but she notes that she always does and it doesn't necessarily translate to kudos on the runway. Benjamin is super far ahead of the game and Tim is greatly impressed.

Michelle describes her look, which Kate thinks could go well or poorly. And, um, Kate says she wouldn't mind if it went poorly. So, it looks like maybe I'm not the only person who isn't a fan of Michelle. That's a relief. I certainly want my hate to be grounded in some sort of reality. Matt seems out to sea. He can't make up his mind. Tim tells him to believe in himself. Matt is so cute. He just did his dance-y shoulders again and they make me so happy. Speaking of happy, Tim says that he thinks Miranda will be happy with what they've made for her.

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