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Soutache Her?

Back at the workroom, we see some more footage of Miranda. I have to say, she looks like a lot of fun, though I don't know her work at all. Amanda looks around the room and tells Benjamin that a lot of country artists resent the fact that everyone thinks they wear denim all the time. Michelle already seems like she's second-guessing Matt's choices, but maybe he asked for her to do that. I feel like my gut tells me to not like her, but pragmatically there's nothing super wrong with her. In fact, she's a hard worker and is driven and doesn't seem to want bad things to happen to other people. It's just this sour part of her that really turns me off. Richard picked this net fabric that he feels is very rock goddess and, of course, it's "everything." Tu has decided to make a dress that is reminiscent of Lady Gaga. When I think of giant country stars, I think, sure, why not make them look like something that would likely alienate them from most of their audience. So, Tu sounds like he's really on the right track.

Daniel is nervous because he doesn't often work with leather. But, he's using a soutache technique. The kind folks at Project Runway are thoughtful enough to provide a definition of soutache. It is a narrow braid used as a decorative trim. Well, that sounds delightful. I'm growing a soutache. Stupid. At lunch time, Michelle describes her rock n roll look to Amanda. They discuss Benjamin and his time management problems and Michelle tells Amanda to push him because he is truly capable of making some beautiful work. Well, that's nice of her to say, though it drips with a condescension. I'm not crazy, she's a monster. I know that very little that has come out of her mouth has been actually horrible, but there's just something about her. Amanda says something about how Benjamin is making a straightforward red carpet look, but she's not going to say anything about it. Isn't that the way that Benjamin feels about her? Physicians, heal thyselves. My computer doesn't like the word "thyselves." I can understand why. It's pretty unwieldy. Benjamin is feeling confident though. He's on schedule and says that his mother would be very proud of him.

Tim comes in to consult with everyone and reminds them that the top-scoring team will have the winning design and the lowest-scoring team will have the losing design. Well, that certainly makes the whole team situation seem more fraught. Now, your fate may be in the hands of one other person. Say you're having an off day but don't really deserve to go home, this would make your failure front and center. Scary. I want to share that Tim says you could have the most stunning outfit, but if it's next to a "stink pot" you will still end up in the bottom. Stink pot. Somebody's been reading their Thackeray. That shit just ROLLS off the tongue.

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