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Soutache Her?

They make their way to the far corners of this bastardization of things Texan and start sketching. Patricia and Layana are whispering as if this were Zero Dark Thirty-type stuff that we're dealing with. Patricia is doing the performance look and she's going to use, listen don't tell anyone this. She's going to use -- seriously, you look suspicious right now. Stop acting like that. Be cool. Fringe. Shhh! I know, it's crazy. She's going to use fringe. Now, I'll kill your family and their hairdressers if you breathe a word of this to anyone. Benjamin tells Amanda that he would be more comfortable with the red carpet look. Also, he feels lucky when he finds out that she is from Nashville. They work together and decide that she will make something with fringe, like a fringe skirt that she wore herself a few days earlier. Amanda's a really good sport. I feel like most people would be a little sullen and defensive right now, especially in regards to input from other designers. But, she's completely open and I really admire that about her.

OK, I need to take a step back and talk again for a moment about when Richard was like, "It's fate." It was bizarre. I can't stop thinking about it. Kate says that she doesn't really know that much about how Tu works but he is always very nice to her and that's all she wants. That's really sweet. As they are discussing their plans, it turns out that they have the same idea! "Oh, give me five, girl," Tu says to Kate and I need this moment on a t-shirt in gif format. I know. Sounds crazy. I want it. Michelle decides that she is doing the red carpet look. Matt feels that the two of them are very similar and he is very impressed with her confidence. Daniel seems like a very nice guy. He excitedly explains how he wants to create separates so Miranda can wear them at different times. Now, she's one of the biggest country music acts in the world. She doesn't need to use her costumes in her real life. This doesn't seem like the best idea. Richard says that he and Stanley very naturally gelled during their sketching time, as fate would have it. Weirdo.

At Mood, Daniel and Samantha go straight for the leather, as does everyone else really. Michelle sees that everyone is using navy, which she was going to do. So, she decides to use something different. Matt gingerly decides that he wants to use denim. He doesn't seem very confident about that. Each team has 400 bucks and Benjamin and Amanda don't even calculate as they are getting their stuff. When they get to the cash register, they are biting their nails because they are worried that maybe they went over budget. Instead, they are more than 100 dollars under budget! This actually makes them even more nervous. Benjamin feels like he effed this up. Geez, these guys. They seem so competent, but it's like they can NOT make it happen.

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