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Previously: The designers worked with items from a flower shop and a hardware store to create two cohesive lines. Dream Team finally woke up from their nightmare (see what I did there) and won a challenge. Everybody essentially did a nice job, so they had to kind of makeup reasons to put Amanda and Joe in the bottom. I stand by the fact that Joe's look was really cool and thoughtful, but he got the boot. As far as Amanda goes, it looks like her team sort of glommed onto this idea that her look had been a time suck for the team, which she was surprised to hear. I think it was a stretch to say that she dragged everyone down, but bygones. Moving on. Samantha won the challenge! After Joe left, Tim came in and told the designers to get back to the runway. This isn't over.

The designers make their way back into the runway area. Heidi appears behind the scrim and everyone sees that she's carrying the button bag. Uh oh. They're all nervous and hate the bag. Heidi explains that they are going to be working in smaller groups and they are going to choose their design partners. Stanley says that he is excited to be free of the group dynamic. He's eager to work with just one other person. Tim says that they should consider which designers will complement them and push them to up their game. Samantha gets to choose first. She interviews that she doesn't know who to choose, but she chooses Daniel. He's very excited. Samantha thinks that it's a good idea because they both like shapes. Then, Heidi chooses a name from the button bag. It's Richard's. Without hesitation, he chooses Stanley. He interviews that his vibe with Stanley is great. This is destiny. OK, he looks just a little creepy when he says that, but that's fine. Patricia is chosen from the bag next and she chooses Layana, maybe because she's standing next to her. Layana is a little worried because she says that she and Patricia don't get along that well together. This could be disaster. People really don't like Patricia very much. I sort of dig that she seems to have no idea that she's not popular.

Matt is chosen next and he chooses Michelle. They seem like they should be a good pair, but I worry about Michelle being the total Dark Princess of the workroom all of the time and potentially bringing him down. Matt seems like a bit of a delicate soul. Michelle worries that he will be his worst enemy and they will somehow end up in the bottom. Now, that's just negative. Also, worry about yourself. Obviously I've been dancing around it for a while, but I just think I don't like Michelle very much. There's something simultaneously tight and strident about her. It's an ugly combo. Kate is next and she chooses Tu. That's kind of an adorable pairing. I feel like we don't hear enough of what Tu has to say, which is unfortunate because his designs so far have been really creative and I'd love to hear more about his influences and how he approaches the challenges. If the problem is that English isn't his first language, they should just hire a translator and let him speak unencumbered. That leaves Benjamin and Amanda together. Benjamin interviews that he doesn't know much about Amanda, except that her entire team hung her out to dry during the last judging. So, he's feeling a little nervous.

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