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I really don't like this show. However, I do like Lulu Bates and since she begged for a night off in order to keep her sanity and because it is the holidays and I'm in a giving mood... off I go. And while this episode isn't really fantastic, it turns out it isn't nearly as excruciatingly painful as I anticipated. So there's something. A little Christmas miracle of sorts.

We open on Addison and SWAT rolling around on her 1000 thread count sheets. She looks like a happy and satisfied woman. He's pleased to report that he's feeling better. He pulls down the sheet to show off his scar and his stellar ab muscles. He thinks it's time for him to head back to his house. There are dishes that have been in the sink. It is difficult to judge time on this show, but it seems like it's been a couple of weeks at this point. At least. Right? So those dishes have to be pretty damned rank. She tells him that's what cleaning ladies are for, showing off her entitled side again. And she encourages him to stick around and enjoy the luxury that is her beachside home.

After some establishing shots of the beach, in which we see a rather out of shape looking surfer, we head into Oceanside Wellness, where Sam is frowning. Seems like there's only one patient in the entire lobby (though no one seems to be treating him) while Addison, Sam and Dell stand around. Addison and Sam complain that Charlotte is sending all the referrals from the hospital to her own practice. She likes money and has a basic understanding of how economics work, so this makes sense. Apparently her practice also has some really nice coffee. Even the Oceanside crew is sucked in by it. But like do they sneak up to the lobby when she isn't looking? I don't understand this. Dell suggests that they do a billboard to advertise. Addison poo poos this idea. Dell goes off to hide in his corner. Pretty much for the rest of the episode. No one mentions that the ad that they spent so much time on the beginning of this season really did nothing to grow their patient base. Addison is full of hope that Charlotte's patients will see beyond her coffee and overrated doctors.

At this point Wyatt walks off the elevator. He's there to see Naomi, but won't tell them why. He flirts with Addison; she's not amused. There's some eye-rolling going on. The well-dressed devil incarnate makes a snide comment about their floor looking very Swiss Family Robinson and strides off.

In the kitchen, Cooper's making coffee and Violet's making tea. Hey, at least they aren't stealing from Charlotte's stash. Cooper comments on her odd choice of tea and her unusual glow and deduces, correctly, that she got laid. She plays coy and won't tell him who. Even when Pete walks in.

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