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Fetal Attraction
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No previouslies this week, but I'll tell you: A lot of pretty doctors had sex and acted crazy. We open with Salt N Pepa singing "What A Man" as the sun shines on an outdoor basketball game. The game includes Pete, Sam, Cooper and a bunch of other guys in their age range. Naomi and Addison settle in to watch. Naomi notices some hot guy, as Addison removes her sweater to reveal she's wearing a sexy dress. Naomi flirts with the hot basketball player as Sam watches on annoyed. Addison wants to leave, because the bleachers smell of high school and urine. Naomi tells her she's sowing her oats, which are not married cardiologists. Addison protests that there's nothing with her and Noah (though they are apparently on a first-name basis already), and points out that in a bar there would be drinks. Naomi says that the men there wouldn't be wearing shorts, though. I have to say that however hot Naomi's basketball player is here, he pales next to Taye Diggs, so I just don't get how she can not want him more. But I like this show for making hot Taye Diggs the needy one in his former relationship.

Pete looks at a girl standing by the bleachers, and they make flirty eyes at each other. He says she's going home with him tonight. Am I the only one who didn't know that basketball pickup games were a) things you go home with people after for sex and b) played close enough to nighttime to make such statements. Cooper's annoyed with all the women here. He has enough with his crazy girlfriend and crazy pregnant best friend/roommate. He'd like this to remain about men and basketball. The guy Naomi likes asks the other guys to play. Sam knocks him down when they start. Naomi thinks this is like watching gladiators without the killing. I'm not sure why, but she's gleeful about this. Addison's phone rings, and it's Noah. She answers even though Naomi tells her not to. Addison says she'll be right there.

At the hospital, Addison's checking on Noah's squeaky-voiced wife, Morgan. She kept telling herself it was nothing, that she was paranoid, but then it got worse. Addison says they need to start cooling measures for Morgan's 103-degree temperature, then asks Morgan if she's feeling chills or nausea. Morgan says both. I'm not doctor, but does it seem weird to use "cooling measures" to handle "chills"? Morgan says her heart's racing. She apologizes for pulling Addison away from something on a Sunday, thinking it might have been a date with her guy. Noah looks at Addison, who tries to show no emotion. She rolls Morgan onto her side, and Morgan winces with pain. Afterward, in the hall, Addison tells Noah that Morgan has a kidney infection. He apologizes for calling her, but she says it's okay; it's her job. Sunny credits.

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