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No previouslies. We open on a close-up of Violet's face, which is totally unsettling. She's in court, stating her name: Violet Maryann Turner. She says she's here because she wants to share custody of her son, Lucas. And she's wearing a white dress with black flowers. This might be important for understanding this episode's pointless, nonsensical timeline. Her lawyer asks her why she's ready now, when Lucas is almost two, to finally be a mother ... which leads to a flashback of Violet going in for a job interview in New York. Turns out she was applying to fill in for a very-pregnant psychiatrist who was about to go on maternity leave. But she didn't know the woman was pregnant, and that makes Violet cry. Because everything, always, in New York or L.A. is always, always about Violet. (Except when it's about Addison.) This New York doctor invites Violet to talk. Then we're in a restroom, where Violet's wearing that same dress. Addison walks in, in a blue dress with her hair up, and they stand next to each other at the sinks without talking. Addison says "What do you want me to say?" But then we cut to where her voice is coming from, which is at Pete's house, in the morning, while he's showering and she's brushing her teeth. She asks him if he wants her to be honest or nice, because she can't be both. He wants her to be honest. Back in court, Addison's in that same blue dress, being asked by Frances Fisher if she believes Violet is a fit mother. Her answer is a resounding, "No." Because, you know, she has the abilities of sight and hearing. Title card.

Then we're in court on a different day. Addison's still in a blue dress, but this time her hair's down, as she walks into the courtroom. Dell's on the stand. Because he's on Violet's side, Frances Fisher, who's Pete's attorney, wants to bring up how Dell wouldn't let Betsey see Heather, and wonders if it wasn't because he thought she was unstable and undeserving of seeing Betsey. "No further questions." Cut to Violet's, where Cooper and Charlotte stand in the doorway and watch Violet sulk on the couch. They talk about how she got "beat up in court today." They offer her food and a martini, then bicker over each other's offerings. Violet makes a call and tells whoever's on the other end (hint: It's Naomi) that she needs someone who's on her side. Cooper tells Charlotte he is, and Charlotte asks if he's sure about that. ... And we get another quick cut to the courtroom, where Cooper's on the stand, saying Violet's his best friend. She smiles (and is wearing the white dress with black flowers). Frances Fisher first asks Cooper if he met his ex on a sex site, then asks him if he didn't recently spend time in jail trying to protect a child he thought was being abused. Cooper says he's proud of that, so Frances Fisher asks if he would think Violet should have Lucas if he were a patient instead of the son of his best friend. Would he really think Violet were a fit mother in that case? There's so much suspense! What's he going to say? Oh, I guess it's time for a commercial.

Morning. Addison's in a blue dress with a white front, her hair down, when she comes downstairs holding Lucas. She thinks Pete and Violet should talk, and be decent about all of this. Pete asks if Addison wants him to lose this and hand his kid over for half of every week. Addison tries to tell him that shared custody isn't that bad, but Lucas starts crying when she screams. So Pete takes him away and comforts him. ... Back in the courtroom, Violet's in a different dress (white shirt, black jacket), when her lawyer wonders where "she" is. Violet says she'll be here, and Naomi walks in. Violet's lawyer calls her to the stand. Naomi's basic testimony is that she empathizes with Violet, though most people can't. Frances Fisher, of course, brings up what a shitty mom Naomi is, and how she's not even talking to her pregnant, married fifteen-year-old daughter. Naomi says they just "need a little space." But Naomi says her daughter has nothing to do with her feelings about Violet. She says she was with Pete when he found Violet, dying in a pool of her own blood with her baby gone, and there are no words to adequately describe what she saw. It still haunts Naomi, so she can't even imagine how it affects Violet. So she has compassion for her friend. Violet cries and mouths "thank you."

Quick cut to Violet sitting in the hall of the courtroom (I think), and then the camera does this quick zoom to be close up on her face (was that really necessary?), then we cut to her in rainy New York therapy. Her therapist asks her about the day Katie attacked her. Violet clearly doesn't want to talk about the attack or her feelings, because she says she's worked through the attack. But her therapist says she can't shrink herself, so she needs to talk about it with someone. She gets that Violet wants control since she didn't have it over the attack, but she has to talk about this. She says Violet came to her to get help, so let her help her. (Well, technically, she came for a job, but whatever.) Violet finally starts talking about what happened.

Back in court, Sheldon's on the stand describing ways that PTSD manifests itself. Frances Fisher asks if he's treated Violet for PTSD, and he says he hasn't because of being her friend and almost Lucas's father. When he explains Violet was sleeping with Pete while dating him, Violet (wearing a purple turtleneck and gray sweater) closes her eyes, like that will make him stop talking. He unwittingly reveals that Violet didn't know Pete was the father when she turned him over to him. Long story short, he hasn't treated Violet, as that would be a breach of ethics. Frances Fisher asks if he thinks Violet has PTSD. Her lawyer objects, since he wasn't called as an expert or as Violet's psychiatrist. The judge says he doesn't have to answer it, but he does anyway. He suspects she does suffer from PTSD. Violet looks at him blankly, and I'm not sure if she's mad. ... Cut to the courtroom hallway, where Violet (in her white shirt and black jacket) comes out to hug Naomi and thank her for being here. Naomi apologizes for encouraging Addison to be there for Lucas when Violet couldn't. Violet just thanks her, and Naomi says they're going to fight this and she's going to get her son back. In the background, Addison's wearing a dark dress, tan jacket, with her hair up.

Violet's doctor calls Little Shephard, as Addison's wearing the blue dress, hair down she was wearing when Dell testified and when she talked to Pete in the morning. Little Shephard is there to talk about the actual, physical brain activity during PTSD. She says there is evidence PTSD is a physical disease, which means it's treatable. She'd suggest beta-blockers, which would take away the response from the memories and fix the condition. She also says that lots of people get it -- war vets, victims of abuse -- and we're not trying to take away their kids. She finishes with, "Give the woman back her child," which is one of many moments where the writers of this episode took it a step too far. At Addison's that evening, Pete tells Little Shephard she's not welcome there anymore, but she tells him "screw you, and this is Addison's house." Little Shephard and Pete get into a huge fight, until Pete storms out, saying he'll be at his house. Little Shephard asks Addison what she's doing, and she says, "It's his child." Little Shephard thinks maybe Pete's the one with PTSD. Why is she here, and will she please go away soon?

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