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We open on Addison being all cute with baby Lucas at a park, pointing out the dangerous things he's never allowed to do. It's very maternal and adorable, and some lady walks up and agrees and tells Addison how much her baby looks like her. Then Pete comes back, and the lady's all, "You must be dad. He has your eyes, but definitely Mommy's smile." Pete tells her people see what they want to see, then they kiss as she heads off to work. He watches her walk away with ... longing? Concern? Something. At the building filled with the most dysfunctional doctors in the world, Sheldon and Charlotte enter an elevator together, and he tells her he had a dream about peaches. Cooper joins them and interrupts that he had the same dream, but they were filled with maggots. "Does that mean anything?"

In yet another bit of infuriating casting (because she was already on Grey's, which is supposed to exist in the same universe), Monica Keena's in a hospital bed reading her junior-high-aged child's paper and commenting sweetly about it. We also learn she's still with her junior high sweetheart, and that she's carrying someone else's triplets, as their surrogate. The rich surrogate family comes in and Addison tells all of them that Kayla (the surrogate) is forming clots that will kill her unless she alleviates the pressure by reducing the pregnancy to one. Rich bio mom freaks out, which I don't get, since she'd still get a stupid baby. Bio dad asks if Addison would give the same advice if Kayla weren't a surrogate, and Addison says she would. Bio mom wants to wait a few more weeks, but Addison says Kayla will die if they wait. Which is the perfect segue to sunshiney opening title.

At Pacific Wellcare, Fife's updating William and Naomi on his ALS antibiotic trial. William is impressed and would like to get the human trials up and running. Naomi wants to get government approval first, but Williams thinks patients who need this make it too important to wait. Naomi recalls being asked to be the moral compass here, so Fife says he's happy to take her to dinner and lay out his plans. She says she has dinner plans, but William says he'd gladly let her go with Fife, in the name of science. Gee, did he just ask her on a date in front of her boyfriend and get not only a yes, but encouragement from said boyfriend? Guy is good. Either that, or because he's in a wheelchair, William sees no threat. Anyway, William then drops his coffee mug and breaks it. Pete is the only one who seems concerned, but he stays quiet.

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