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Regret and Recovery
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Once again, we don't get any previouslies. Which is odd, since almost everything on this show is an ongoing storyline. But at least we have the weecaps for people who might not know, say, who Noah is. Or why everyone's so disgruntled at Naomi. Or even what happened to Violet. Anyway, here we are, in Violet's apartment as sadly ominous music plays so we know things aren't well. Violet's rolling out a new rug when Pete walks in holding the baby. He's on the phone, telling someone he'll be back in the office today. Violet is shocked to hear this, but he says they've talked about it already; it's been a month. She compliments the rug, which he obviously bought to cover the bloodstain. Pete offers the baby to Violet, but she doesn't want to hold him. Doorbell rings, and Violet drops her cup, which shatters. Pete tries to coach her breathing and standing there, but she won't. She runs into the closet.

Pete answers the door. It's Sheldon. Pete tells him that he's told him not to ring the bell. Sheldon plays dumb, and wonders if he woke the baby, but then he says, "She's in the closet again, isn't she?" If Sheldon knows Violet runs into the closet every time someone rings the doorbell, why would he ring it? Isn't he supposed to be a therapist or something? Sheldon wants to come in, but Pete shuts the door in his face. Back inside, he tells Violet it was Sheldon, but she ignores that and starts picking up the cup. Pete says he's not going back to work yet; she's not ready. Violet says, "You're looking at me like I have crazy head, and I don't. I don't have crazy head. I'm fine. Go back to work." That's right, another trained therapist acting as if there is an actual thing called "crazy head." Whatever. If there is, she definitely has it. Pete points out she won't answer the door, she won't hold the baby, etc. Need he go on? She takes the baby roughly, holds him obliviously (I actually thought there might be a pratfall here where she dropped the baby or banged his head against the wall; thankfully that didn't happen.) She explains to Pete her actual, clinical symptoms, which are all expected for trauma victims, so he can go ahead and go back to work. She's not using drugs and she's not cognitively altered. Oh, and she went to Harvard. "So believe me when I tell you that I do not have crazy head." That's a quote, folks. Pete looks worried.

Addison's getting in the elevator when Naomi runs and catches it. They awkwardly compliment each other's shoes. They try to make small talk about each other's work. Then Naomi asks what ever happened with "that guy," who was married and whose wife was Addison's patient. Addison says nothing; she did the right thing, which Naomi thinks is good. But you can tell Addison's rightfully annoyed that Naomi can't even be bothered to remember Noah's name.

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