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Previously: Stuff happened. But this show doesn't bother filling anyone in. Hopefully you already know all about Dell, the Captain, and that Charlotte lied to Cooper. Otherwise, you might be confused. Oh, who am I kidding? Nothing about this show is that difficult to understand, provided you have a middle-school education. We open with Pete filling Addison in on his patient, who's pregnant but here because there's some sort of problems with the baby. And by "some sort of problems," I mean enough to make Addison go, "Woah!" when she looks at the ultrasound picture. That's her professional diagnosis. Pete says doctors are split on whether to take the baby out now or wait, and Addison needs to be the deciding vote. Termination is the third option. Pete introduces Addison to the husband, Ronald (Devon Gummersall, who played Brian on My So-Called Life, for anyone thinking they've seen him somewhere before), who tells her how worried he and his wife are. They walk in and find an old woman in a hospital gown, and Ronald says it's his wife, Eleanor. Maybe Pete could have told Addison that and spared us all the shock? Sunny title card. Addison gives Eleanor an ultrasound as Eleanor talks about how this must be karma for trying to have a baby at age 60. Addison tells her the baby's condition isn't necessarily related to age. Then she tells them about the magic she can do for the baby: brain surgery in the womb.

Naomi's leaving for work and hollers to Maya, who says she'll catch the bus. Then Naomi realizes she forgot something and goes back in. She catches Maya in a too-short skirt and shiny heels, and tells her other girls might dress like that, but she isn't going to. And she's equally mad that Maya was waiting until she was gone to come out in that. She sends her back to her room to change, and Maya says, "You're ruining my life." I think that's a parent's job when you're a teen, Maya honey, so just get used to it.

Pete's walked Addison back to Oceanside. He thinks surgery on the baby isn't the best option for Eleanor, but Addison thinks it is for the baby. She also thinks it's weird that a 60-year-old is having a baby, because it's sort of awkward to introduce your prom date to your 80-year-old mother. She says it's one of the downsides of fertility treatment: Now everyone, even at 60, thinks they can have their own baby. Violet walks in as Pete says that maybe this baby wasn't meant to be. She looks at him questioningly, and he stammers, "Not our... not Lucas..." Addison saves him and explains. Violet thinks more power to the lady, especially for bagging a young husband. Addison points out that when Pete dates younger women, Violet thinks it's disgusting. Violet says she thinks that if a guy dates an older woman, he's in it for the right reasons, since there's a stigma involved. The Captain arrives in time to see Violet's ass as she's leaning over digging through a cupboard. He ogles her, and Addison says it is disgusting, and leaves for lunch with the Captain.

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