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Birth and Death in the Same Episode
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When we open, Sam's starting to operate on the guy who hit Dell and Maya with his car -- only Sam doesn't know about any of that yet, just that this guy needs surgery. The guy tells Sam that God's pissed off at him for crashing the car and screwing up, but Sam says everyone screws up and God must know what he's doing to put the guy on Sam's table. Sheldon and Charlotte show up at the hospital, since she was called in. He's insecure that she faked the helicopter, but he says she would fake a headache to get out of a date. Sheldon's going to stick around in case this is quick. Charlotte finds Maya in the hospital bed and Dell's there too, being checked out. Addison and Charlotte make him sit down, but he's worried about Maya, who says she feels better since the epidural. Dell says she hasn't had one, which probably means her back's broken. Addison tells Charlotte that Naomi knows nothing yet. Title card.

Charlotte fills Violet, Sheldon and Pete in on everything that happened. She puts Violet on telling-Naomi duty and then tells Pete that Sam's operating on someone and she has a new cardiac surgeon on the way, but he won't be here for a half-hour. I don't know what this meant to Pete, but he takes off like she just gave him a chore. Cooper accosts Charlotte in the hospital (how did he know she would be there when she was supposed to be on a date?). He tells her he wants to talk, but she asks Sheldon to please fill him in. Sheldon doesn't want to, but Charlotte leaves them alone. Cooper asks him what the hell.

Naomi comes into the hospital and won't stop talking about how happy she is about Maya's baby, despite all of her misgivings. And she feels like the universe is good today, since William's going to take Fife's ALS treatment. Violet finally interrupts her and tells her something's happened to Maya. She rushes in to Maya's room, where Dell apologizes and she just looks at him, so Violet steps in and tells him this isn't his fault. Maya asks Naomi where her daddy is, and Addison tells her they're going to have this baby. They wheel her out. Speaking of her daddy, Pete interrupts his surgery and asks him to consult for a minute. Sam says it could be awhile, since this guy did something bad with his pulmonary artery. He tells him he smashed his Beemer and rib cage. Pete storms out and asks Charlotte if that's the guy who hit Maya and Dell. She says he is, but he has to keep working until the other surgeon gets here, because "We can't just duct-tape him closed." What? I thought that's how it worked.

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Private Practice




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