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Addison performs her faith-based, malpractice-heavy surgery on Tess. After a note very close call, Addison succeeds in separating the babies. Obviously one will be named Forbes and the other Montgomery. The Church of Addison gets four new members. After the surgery, Addison visits SWAT, who is now stable. Addison dismisses everything Archer said. She is sorry she ever wavered in her faith in their relationship. She doesn't care that he's not a multimillionaire yachtsman, she's proud he is SWAT. SWAT tells her to shut it -- he's a cop. She needs to quit trying to class it up. They come from different worlds. He gets his news from Yahoo instead of the New York Times. Is a Yahoo News reader really a new demographic? Addison demands that he not quit on them. He looks uncertain.

In a holding cell somewhere, Violet and Mr. Cupcake meet. He is upset that she turned him in based on their conversations. She was supposed to help him learn not to crave so much sugar! Violet tells him that his discussion about how best to eat the frosting off that pretty little cupcake from the courtroom sounded like a plan and Violet had an ethical duty to protect the cupcake. She knows that in his heart Mr. Cupcake wants to stay on his diet, but that he can't control his actions yet. A few months in Weight Watchers and he should be better able to fight off those cravings. After her meeting with Mr. Cupcake, Dell tells Violet that she did a good job. He asks for a recommendation for a lawyer so he can get custody of his own daughter. He doesn't want to feel powerless anymore. He knows his babymama is an addict and hasn't petitioned for custody? And the state hasn't stepped in either? Huh.

Cooper meets with Charlotte. He says that he feels that she is not ready to be totally open with him. Cooper tells her that he is done with their relationship. Cooper wanted her to be a part of his life, but clearly he is not a part of hers. He leaves her open mouthed.

Meg promises not to give up anything for Pete. He is happy about that. For now.

Addison comes home to Archer and his blackeye. She likes SWAT because he doesn't care that she's a Forbes Montgomery. He cares about her as a person, not as a trust fund. She sends Archer packing. Naomi primps before opening the door. She looks surprised to see that it is Addison. Addison offers wine and chocolate cake and best friend gossip. Naomi lets her in.

If you needed them, here are a few more reasons you should never become a patient at Oceanside Wellness Center.

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