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Addison yells at Archer for sleeping with her best friend, spying on her for their mother, and dissing her boyfriend. Archer defends his actions with Naomi, but he really doesn't think that SWAT is right for her. He knows her. Addison looks unsure, but just as she thinks about maybe possibly doubting her relationship with SWAT her phone rings. It's SWAT. Or at least SWAT's phone. SWAT was shot. Wow, Addison's been dating him three weeks and she's already his emergency contact? Maybe he is after her trust fund. In the emergency room, Addison obnoxiously bosses the doctors around. Entertainingly they snipe at her about it and she resigns herself to watching.

Pete comes home to find Meg smoking. When she's busted, she blames him for her relapse because he should have stayed home and entertained her and distracted her from smoking. Plus, his acupuncture totally didn't work. Pete doesn't care about the cigarette. He wants to know what she is doing in LA since she hates it so much. He knows she doesn't want to quit smoking or live in Los Angeles, so what does she ... Oh sorry. I drifted off there. I'll rewind. Pete isn't sure what he wants either.

Much to the irritation of the surgeon, Addison is back seat operating. Why did they let her in the room anyway? Naomi comes in to watch, too. No junior mints in sight, yet. Naomi actually came in to tell her that the Christian triplets are in jeopardy. From the devil! The devil that is Addison! Addison hesitates until SWAT's surgeon begs her to leave the room and check on her own patient already. Addison sadly reports that the healthy baby passed away due to the reaction to the anesthetic. The couple agree that this is not God's work. They decide to turn from God, trust medicine, and trust Addison. Addison reminds Tess that she almost died from surgery a few hours ago and can't live through another operation yet. Tess knows that God did not intend for all three of her babies to die. The two with the parasitic circulatory systems are still alive, but need help. Addison's help. Tess convinces Addison to do the surgery despite the fact that it's dangerous, may kill her, may kill the remaining babies, and borders on malpractice. Addison agrees. It's not God anymore, it's all Addison. The couple builds a small shrine in the corner complete with candles and incense and start working on the hymnal.

Violet calls the judge about Mr. Cupcake. She thinks the cupcake from the courtroom is in danger.

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Private Practice




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