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Violet is vacantly stirring a cup of tea when Pete walks into the coffee room. He asks her what's up and she rambles on about secrets. At the mention of a secret Pete's ears perk up and he props his chin on his hands and asks, "Secret?" Violet doesn't tell him what it is, just that she has one and wishes she didn't. She tells him that they missed him at the party yesterday and he explains that he was doing acupuncture on Meg because she is quitting smoking. She might be quitting for him and he's not sure how he feels about it. Yawwwwwwnnnn. Oh, I'm sorry. Am I supposed to care about this storyline? Because I really don't. The only think I know about Meg is that she smokes, lives in Africa, and had a tick removed from her back. Then she claimed she was going back to Africa and then a few days later was back in California. There is no story, they have no apparent chemistry, and her existence on the show seems to be time killing for Pete until he hooks up with any of the other single women on the show. Why am I supposed to care if she is quitting smoking for Pete? Pete moans to Violet that Meg came back for him and quit smoking for him but he's not sure what's going on. That makes two of us.

Addison convinced the husband to convince the wife to trust her instead of God. So she is operating. The triplets are in her hands now. Just as Addison is about to start repairing God's screw up, the mother goes into a hyperthermic reaction to the anesthetic. That bitch is totally undermining Addison's operation! Addison comes out to the waiting room to talk to the husband who is nervously clutching his Bible. Addison explains that she couldn't complete the procedure and Tess is too weak to try again. Needless to say the man is not happy that he put his faith in Addison. Elsewhere, God chuckles to himself.

Violet follows Cooper into the office to find out what's wrong. He laughs that he took the morning off work because he was hungover from celebrating Charlotte's decision to move in with him! The next time my doctor cancels an appointment it better not be due to his hangover. When Violet hears that Charlotte is moving in, she shuts the office door and finally tells Cooper about Charlotte and the competing medical practice. Obviously Cooper is mad at Violet, because it is totally her fault. Why does Violet work at this practice? Everyone is unnecessarily mean to her and her best friend is kind of a dick. Cooper slams the door as he storms out of his office and shatters the glass. He doesn't look back, although I bet that is very distracting for their patients. That is, if they have any. Also: I thought they were supposed to be saving money, not breaking doors in fits of misplaced rage. Also: Cooper's kind of an idiot.

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