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Cooper brought Charlotte to the soiree and Violet and her Prince-esque woman-sign earrings ask her if she told Cooper about the competing practice yet. Charlotte rebuffs her and when Cooper joins them with his plate full of spanakopita, Violet walks off. Amy Brenneman is hot when they let her be. Cooper asks Charlotte to move in with him and Charlotte smiles broadly.

Meanwhile, Archer finds Sam sitting alone at the bar. He asks Sam about Naomi and dating. Archer pulls a woman with a "thing for writers" off the floor to talk to Sam. He's such a pimp! What would the Forbes Montgomerys think? As the camera spins around the room, it lands on Naomi looking uncomfortable at the sight of Sam flirting. Archer moseys up to Naomi and they tease each other like old friends. Old flirty friends, that is. Addison finds Kevin and when he tells her that Archer gave him the lay of the overprivileged land, she brushes it off as big brotherliness. Kevin announces that he has an early day, but really he is just his manhood shriveling up at the girth of Addison's trust fund. Addison isn't sure what's up, but plays the dutiful girlfriend and decides to go too, leaving Naomi in the clutches of Archer. Naomi nervously guzzles champagne so you know it's going to be good. Archer promises to drive Naomi home. And, boy, does he drive her home. If that's what the kids are calling it these days. Yikes! They consummate their friendship on the stairs. Hope Maya is staying at Sam's.

In the early dawn hours, Archer does the walk of shame back to Addison's. Only he's totally not shameful. Addison grouches that he should have called, but I'm not sure why because she didn't seem to care when he didn't call to tell her he was going to be visiting, broke into her house, and had raunchy sex on her kitchen floor with some random dye job. Addison grouses some more and hopes that Archer had the decency to get Naomi home before he had his night of drunken debauchery. Archer grins at that and Addison grimaces at the thought. At the office, she walks into Naomi's office and straight up asks her if she slept with her brother. Naomi gets a huge goofy grin on her face and Addison whirls around in grossed outness. Addison stops at the door to shake her head in horror. Hearing the high-pitched squee of girl talk, Violet comes running in to the room. Violet and Naomi jump around excitedly over Naomi's foray into meaningless sex, while Addison shakes her head in the full miasma of disgust that arises only when sibling (or parental) sexual activity is discussed. Addison's and Naomi's pagers go off. It must be the weekly drama! Can't wait to see how God is punishing them now! At the hospital, Naomi and Addison anxiously read the chart. Tess fainted at the airport and the Christian triplets are in trouble. Tess won't listen, though, despite Addison striking her most concerned face and head tilt. Tess just won't listen to reason. Or to Addison. Addison corners the concerned husband. She counters his faith with her really indignant belief in herself and her never-fail medical skillz. He's not sure.

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Private Practice




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