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Archer gets the tour of Oceanside Wellness. He won't admit it's nice. Pete introduces himself and Archer annoyingly suggests that Addison should be dating him instead of SWAT. Pete has read a few of Archer's books, adding to the mutual love fest. Addison and Archer run into Naomi in the hallway and she hugs Archer. Sam joins in and the interaction between all four of them is nice, because it reminds you that the characters really are supposed to have history. They were friends once. This entire season has made that easy to forget. Sam, Naomi, Archer, and Addison are reminiscing and laughing about WASPs and their drinking when Violet busts up the party asking, "Does everyone like pedophiles?" The judge ordered her to counsel Mr. Perv every evening. Cooper smartly reminds everyone that it's a pediatric office, but since the meetings are after hours Violet doesn't think the judge will care. Everyone denounces it and yells about it, but the fracas doesn't let up until Dell runs off. Sam slaps his forehead, "Dell!" and Violet goes after him. Dell is upset because he was hit all the time by someone and he can't imagine if it was sexual abuse and not just physical. Violet therapeutically nods that all abuse is bad. Dell announces he is leaving early to avoid the sexual offender. Cooper creeps up on Violet to rub it in her face that he is not the only one who is unhappy about having a sex offender on the premises. Violet and I can't figure out why everyone is mad at her since it was court mandated. Violet changes the subject and asks Cooper how he and Charlotte are doing. He says great. So great that he is going to ask her to move in with him! My how quickly he has matured from last week when he was barely able to admit he was in a relationship! Violet looks serious as Cooper walks off. Oh, and Archer invited everybody to a party.

Violet finds Charlotte who is still supervising the construction. Doesn't she still have a day job? And why is she overseeing the construction any way? Is she too cheap to hire a contractor? Violet demands Charlotte tell Cooper about the clinic. Charlotte still doesn't think it's important, but Violet insists.

Now it's our favorite time of night. That's right! It's The Drama of the Week! This week we will watch as a loving Southern Christian couple, who are mysteriously living in the vast Sodom and Gomorrah that is Los Angeles, decide that God is punishing them for using in vitro fertilization. Two of their triplets are using the same circulatory system and will most likely weaken and die. The couple knows that God will provide for them, but Addison wants to operate to separate them. The couple puts their faith in God over Addison. How long do you think that will last?

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Private Practice




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