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Indecision 2009
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Hollywood sign. Sun. Sunny music that I have never heard before. Charlotte's in bed telling Coop she's sure Sam's the one blocking her from joining the practice, since Violet's totally checked out and doesn't care, Addison would tell her to her face, and Cooper would be crazy not to let her join since she's paying his share, too. He tells her Sam's not blocking her, but they haven't had time to discuss it yet. She tries to tempt him into being her "man on the inside" by offering to play python in the forest, and he groans a little, but tells her he has to go. He's late. Oh, and he's wearing a suit.

The sunshiney music stops and we're in a hall with Naomi, who's telling Violet what to do on the stand: Just look straight at the prosecutor and no one else. That's what Naomi did (so we know she's already testified, even though they didn't show us). Violet looks inside the courtroom and sees Pete on the stand. Then a bailiff opens the door and calls for her. She heads in, just as Cooper shows up to rub her on the back and apologize for being late. Dramatic music plays as Violet's walk to the stand takes what seems like forever. A court employee tries to swear Violet in, but she looks right at Katie (good thing she heeded Naomi's advice for the entire time it took her to walk up to the stand, and not a moment longer) and doesn't respond to the swearing-in. The judge sweetly tells her this is her cue, but she just looks in shock and then says she can't do this. She leaves the stand. Katie watches her with what looks like concern. Sunny title card.

Oceanside. Sam and Addison are in the break room, where he asks if there's any word on the trial. She says not yet, but Violet's on the stand all day. Then she tells Sam she heard from Stan Parsons, who's happy where he is. Sam's disappointed since Stan would have fit in well, since they could use another ortho guy. Addison says they could use any doctor at this point, and maybe they could just go with Charlotte? Sam thinks she can't be serious, but Addison says she's skilled and professional and is a specialty they don't have (do we even know what her specialty is?). Violet, Cooper and Naomi walk in, and Addison wonders what happened. Violet walks off and Naomi explains that she refused to testify. Addison wonders if they tried to talk to her, and Cooper says he did, so Addison decide to lecture him about how Violet needs support. Which is why Addison stayed at the practice in the break room while Cooper was in court. SUPPORTING VIOLET. Naomi says she won't talk to her or Pete either, so it's Addison's turn. Addison tells Sam she's not going to talk to her if she won't talk to any of the people who are her actual friends.

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