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Addison's crying in her office when Naomi comes in and tells her how good it just felt to tell off a man in a wheelchair. I love how little work she has to do that she can just run to a different floor every time something happens at her job. She notices Addison's sad and asks what's wrong. Addison says Lily died. Alone. In a tiny room. Without family or friends. Naomi sits down and tells Addison she's not dying, and she's not alone. Addison knows; she has Naomi. And Sam. And the practice. (What about Archer? Or any of her Seattle friends?) But she says she's alone, and cries. She doesn't know if she has bad karma because of being a cheater or what, but everyone is either the wrong person or the wrong time. Even the oncologist. Naomi says he's cute, and Addison agrees and tells her about coffee, but says she's a mess who's too screwed up to date. Milo meows and Addison says this damn cat keeps staring at her.

Cooper's office. He's with a kid when Charlotte storms in and asks him what the hell he was thinking. Cooper says, "Hey, Dr. King. I'm with a patient." She continues yelling about how Cooper met the patient in a chat room. The kid says his mom doesn't let him go into chat rooms, and Cooper says that his mom is smart, unless he has grown-up supervision, but Cooper's a grown-up (that's questionable, since he sure acts like a baby when it comes to Charlotte). Charlotte agrees he's not a grown-up. Cooper tells her he was trying to help, and she says she doesn't want his pity patients, and storms out.

Wheelchair. Little people. Naomi. Diversity summit. Little man tells Naomi her second thoughts have nothing to do with the mutation, so let's call this what it is. Fife agrees. Little woman says Naomi's prejudiced against little people and thinks they're freaks. Naomi says she'd love to give them what they want, but not like this. Little man says it's the only way for them. She says she understands what they want, but little woman wonders how that's possible since Naomi's tall, beautiful, successful and can't possibly understand what it's like not to fit in. Naomi says she was fat, as a kid. She doesn't mean to suggest it's comparable, but everyone has painful insecurities that are ours. She says she does understand, in some small way, and then says it's hard to avoid using words like that. Then she goes into how fat she was: She went to fat camp and was called all sorts of names. She names a bunch of them: Lardo, elephant, etc. Little man says a tall child will be called names in their group of friends. My advice: GET NEW FRIENDS. Naomi says that if he's healthy, he'll survive it like she did and like they did. She cannot implant a sick embryo, but she can help them have a healthy baby, who will be theirs, tall or small or whatever. She says they'll love him, which is all she can give him.

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