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Hospital. Violet's there with Barbara and Jimmy. She asks Jimmy to describe the last fight he had with Barbara and he says they don't fight. Violet says all couples fight, and it doesn't have to be anything big. He tells Barbara she was always so sad, and he didn't want to upset her anymore. Violet tells Barbara not to think about Jimmy, but to describe the last fight she had with anyone. She says she doesn't know, then turns to Jimmy and apologizes for not remembering him. She says she wants to, but she doesn't want to start talking about fights, because she's so happy with peaches and lavender. She doesn't want to go back. He tells her she has to try, since they were in love. She says she's sorry; he seems so nice. Then she sniffs her Jell-O and asks for some more, please. I don't like people who are that happy. If I were Jimmy, I'd be leaving her for that cheerfulness alone.

Oceanside. Charlotte has a patient, who says he first saw her at a seminar. She tells him to please talk openly, or she won't be able to help. They sit down and he tells her he wants his girlfriend to be satisfied, but he's a little quick on "pulling the trigger." Charlotte says it's a common problem and they'll be able to figure out a way to fix this. He says good, because that's why he went online in the first place and was glad someone in the chat room suggested Charlotte. She's like, "Chat room?" What about the seminar? He's like, "I wasn't supposed to mention chat room." Wow, he's good at this.

Addison has her fancy cat carrier in the hospital when Brian comes up behind and says they don't allow animals here. He says he's kidding and then tells her he's impressed that she'd bring the cat for the visit. He thinks maybe she's a cat person after all. She says that's not a compliment, but he was hoping he'd flatter her into having coffee with him. She wonders if he's really asking her on a date as they walk toward their terminally ill patient's room. He says that, as an onocologist, he's always walking toward a terminally ill patient's room. She says yes to coffee and then asks him to hold the bag while she takes Milo out, fixes his hair and heads in to see Lily. But when they walk in, Lily's dead and being wrapped up to be taken away. Brian tells Addison he's sorry and she looks sadly at the cat, like, "Great. Now I'm stuck with this stupid thing."

Hospital. Pete and Violet are walking through some doors. He tells her Barbara's afraid, and Violet says of course, since she feels good and doesn't want to lose that. Pete wonders how they break through, and Violet says they don't. Pete asks if that's it: She forgot Jimmy but is feeling better so Violet just gives her Jell-O? Violet says she found the magic bullet, and Pete wonders what about Jimmy. Not that this is about them or anything. To prove my point, Violet says she wishes she could forget everything bad that happened and yank it out. She says she can't, but Barbara can and she's not going to take it away from her. Well, Violet, maybe try ECT? Just a thought. Pete says this isn't fair, and if Violet's not going to try, he's going to. He barges in to Barbara's room, despite Violet's protests, and tells her that ECT doesn't completely erase a person, so there must be a real reason that she'd block him: something she buried so deeply that it might be hard to talk about. Pete says if she's scared, they'll protect her from Jimmy. She bursts into laughter, and explains it's the idea that Jimmy's dangerous. She says he's ... nice. She says she woke up feeling better, smiled, and then saw Jimmy and didn't want to. She couldn't just tell him to go away, so she pretended to forget him so she wouldn't have to hurt his feelings. Pete wonders if it wouldn't be easier to just tell him. Barbara says when she was depressed, he seemed fine and took care of her. But after the ECT and the light in her head went on, she wonders what she was thinking. Jimmy's why she was depressed. And her dad loved him, and always said he wouldn't hurt a fly. But sometimes she wants him to hurt a fly. Well, yeah, they're flies. Barbara turns to Violet and says she gets it: He's that guy, the guy at the bar that you go home with because the guy you really want to go home with went home with someone else. Pete looks at Violet, like, "Really?" And the world looks at Pete, like, "No, Pete. You're the guy women really want to go home with." I mean, are they expecting this story to relate, when it's more likely the other way around. Barbara says she doesn't want to tell Jimmy, because it seems cruel and she wants to spare him that.

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