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Cooper comes home and yells for Charlotte. She's under the sink in the bathroom working on something. What is with her and bathroom handyman work therapy? She says the pipes weren't right so she needs to redo them. Then she blames his cheap tools for the problems. He sits down on the floor with her, and she asks if Cooper wants her to say she screwed up. She says Bill... and Cooper cuts her off and says he was wrong; she's not heartless. She tells him about seeing Bill in the elevator and lying to him, but that he knew she was lying. Cooper says Bill doesn't matter, but Charlotte says she can't fail twice. She doesn't have it in her. Cooper sucks on her finger. Really. They are so weird. I can't decide if I hate it or love it.

Violet's office. Barbara's raving about how amazing and new the whole world and her happiness feels. Violet asks her a bunch of questions to see if any other parts of her memory are missing. She remembers high school, her prom date, her prom theme (which Violet thought no one remembered), doing it by the pool and some gondolas. She remembers her dad telling her stories about Venice. Violet asks about Barbara and Jimmy's wedding, but Barbara remembers nothing about that. She tells Violet Jimmy seems nice, and she's sorry and wishes she could remember. Cut to Violet telling Pete in the hospital hall that memory loss with ECT is never this specific and she remembers everything else. Violet thinks the ECT worked, but they got to the root of her depression: Something so bad happened with Jimmy that Barbara blocked it out. Dramatic music takes us to commercial.

Pacific Wellcare. Pete arrives at work and greets Naomi. He says he heard she hired a new doctor. She responds, "Whatever," but then apologizes and says, yes, a new doctor has been hired and everything's going to be great. Pete asks if she would erase bad memories if she could, and she says yeah, wouldn't we all. He starts to leave, but turns and asks Naomi to "say the thing." She says, "Oh, okay," and then, as if she's done this every day since forever, "Violet is not ready to come back. Do not get your hopes up. Do not push. Wait." Pete protests that she's better. Naomi asks if she should say the thing again and he says yeah, so she does. He thanks her and leaves. She's reading some papers and all of a sudden looks annoyed and storms off...

... back into the shiny lab, where she tells Fife that Bill might have hired him but she's his boss and he will not withhold information from her. He asks what the problem is, and she says the embryos with the marker for dwarfism also have a mutation that the others don't have. It's something called VHL, and children born with it have a much higher chance of developing cancer by the time they're in their twenties. He says it's a non-issue, because he will have gene therapy treatments by the time these kids are in their twenties to cure it. She says no one can guarantee that, but guess what? That's right: Fife guaranteed that. He says he told the little people, and they want to go ahead with the implantation. Naomi can't believe they'd rather have a sick dwarf child than a tall healthy one. He reminds her it's a non-issue. Naomi says she's been trying to be nice to him, but she's done: He is the most egotistical, pushy, boorish, little man that she's ever met. He congratulates her on getting over the fear of the wheelchair, since it usually takes people much longer. He adds, "Now, if you could only get over your fear of little people." She yells, "Shut up! You stupid, horrible, stupid ... jerk." She storms out and he says that was kind of lame and they're still doing the implantation. She says "No! No we are not."

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