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Naomi's talking to the little people about the slippery slope of choosing characteristics for our children. She doesn't know where it ends and tells them it's not something their practice does. She does want to work with them, but... As she's talking, little woman gets up and looks at a picture on Naomi's table. She asks if it's her daughter and then says she looks just like her. Naomi thanks her, but says she never sees it. Little woman says of course she doesn't, because she takes for granted that they look alike. But she asks what if someone had told her she couldn't have had her own daughter who looks like her. Naomi says that even if they don't select for dwarfism, their child will be part of them. Little man asks Naomi what she sees when she looks at him, and she stammers. He says that's a hard question for a tall person to answer, because all she sees is the dwarf. Naomi denies it, but they don't stop. Little woman says she sees an accountant and a husband, and their friends see that, too, but if they have a tall baby, their friends will look at it like it's different. Little man asks Naomi if she had had a 50-50 chance of having a white baby, would she have wanted one. She says it's not the same thing. Little woman says it is, because she'd love the white baby but everyone would question if it was hers and would whisper, just like they will if the little people have a tall child. They just want what Naomi has, and wonder how that's crossing a line.

Naomi walks into a shiny, blue-lit room where Fife's in a lab coat, looking into a microscope or something. She's behind him, but he senses her and asks if she has something to say. She starts in that genetic engineering can have terrible consequences in the wrong hands, so she's going to be the gatekeeper while he's here. If there's a slippery slope, she's going to decide how far they slide. He asks if she's in with the little people, then, and she says she is. He tells her not to expect him to thank her for doing what's right. We cut to Naomi venting to Addison in a pet store about him. She calls him a "little man, wheelchair or no." Addison finds some sort of crazy angel costume and wonders what it is. A super smiley woman comes up and tells them it's an angel to take your kitty trick-or-treating. Uh, no one does that. Also, didn't Sam say Halloween had already happened? Hopefully that's on clearance. They head to a different part of the store, and Addison finds a bag she thinks is cute and fashionable. It's a cat carrier, of course, and Addison thinks Lily would love it.

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