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Hospital. Violet's hooking Barbara up to the electroshock machine, and telling her how it works. Basically, it will take a few seconds, and she won't feel anything. Dramatic music plays as someone gives her medication that puts her sleep. Jimmy tells her he loves her before she passes out, and she looks at him without responding. No movement as she's shocked. I guess it really isn't Cuckoo's Nest.

Oceanside. Addison tells Sam it looks like she's going to have a cat for longer than she thought, since Lily chose hospice and is going to die. Addison says she's dying alone, as Naomi comes in and asks if they have any chocolate, since she's all out downstairs. Sam gives her his Halloween candy, and Naomi vents about Fife. Sam wonders why she can't just tell him off if he's such a jerk, and Naomi says she can't because he's in a wheelchair. She knows that doesn't seem right, but it feels wrong. Sam tells her to go to the little people, then, and talk them out of it. Addison agrees, and Naomi says they're right. Sam gives Naomi all of the chocolates as she leaves.

Charlotte's in the elevator when Bill joins her. I used to think the elevator on Grey's was the most serendipitous elevator on TV, but I think it's been surpassed by this one. What's with Shonda and elevators anyway? She looks uncomfortable, but he cuts the tension by saying he heard she joined Oceanside; good for her. She says it is good for her, and has allowed her to refocus on patient care, which her previous administrative duties kept her from doing. He says it appears it worked out for the best for everyone, and heads out. She hollers after him that it sure did, since patients are lining up for her. But she smiles vulnerably and she looks prettier than she ever has. Vulnerability looks mighty good on Charlotte King, y'all.

Hospital. Pete's reading Barbara's chart when Violet comes in. He feels the need to explain why he's here: keeping Jimmy company while he waits for her to work up. Oh, and Jimmy's getting coffee. Violet says Barbara's fine, and it went off without a hitch. Pete's glad. Barbara wakes up and Violet tells her that everything went well. She says she has a headache, but there's no crazy depression pressing down on her anymore. She feels lighter. Violet and Barbara smile. Jimmy comes in and says hi, then "Wow. Look at you. I miss that smile." He grabs her hand, and she pulls away, all, "I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Uh-oh. Not exactly "without a hitch," Violet. Out in the hall, Violet explains to Jimmy that mild memory loss is a common side effect, but he thinks being totally wiped from his fiancee's memory isn't exactly mild. Violet says it should resolve in time, but he wonders what to do until then: remind her of things or keep his distance. Violet says not to expect anything from Barbara, but he can talk to her and it might help. Jimmy leaves Pete and Violet alone, and Pete asks for her to be honest. She says memory loss is rare but it happens sometimes. But she seems happy, so that's good, right? Pete says it's not good since she doesn't even remember her fiancée. Violet says she'll fix it.

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