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Outside, Pete and Violet walk down the street as he says this isn't the treatment they agreed on. She say Barbara needs a shock to the system, literally, so Violet's adapting to her situation. Pete's not happy about inducing seizures, and says it's a last resort. Violet says this isn't Cuckoo's Nest, and Barbara won't be held down or frothing at the mouth. She tells him it's accepted treatment, and Barbara wants to be better now. Pete says ECT isn't a magic bullet, and this isn't like her. Violet says she's not like her anymore. They mention the trial, but then Violet says it's not about her. Which we all know is a lie, because Violet always makes her patient's issues about her. He tells her she's always preaching slow and steady, and she says maybe she was wrong, because people deserve more and faster. She thanks Pete for helping. Then she excuses herself by telling Pete she's taking her new vibrator and heading home. Really? That's what you say to the guy you've dumped and dumped your kid on? That you are going to use a vibrator, which you see as a better option than him? She's a terrible person.

Hospital. Addison enters Lily's room, where she's with her oncologist, Hey! It's that Guy! candidate George Newbern. Lily introduces them to each other. His name is Brian Reynolds. Addison talks to Lily about the chemo, but Brian's not actually recommending that. He condescendingly tells Addison he knows she's a surgeon and likes to fix things, but he thinks it might be time to let go. Addison tells him it's not his call. Lily says, no, it's hers. She says she's grateful to Addison, but he's right. She was holding onto her life, but once Addison agreed to take Milo (temporarily!), she realized it's time.

Bill shows up at Naomi's office and starts off by telling her not to yell until he can explain. He tried to be here the day before to introduce Naomi to Fife, but his jet was delayed. She reminds him that hiring was her responsibility, and accuses him of going around her because he knew she would object. He admits that he thought she might, but to think of the potential of his work for things such as sickle cell, cystic fibrosis, hemophilia. He doesn't explain why they'd start with the little people. Naomi says Fife has no moral center, supports eugenics, and wants her to help him design a baby. Bill reminds her that's what she does when she weeds out for disease. He says she's already on the slippery slope, but she says she's not skiing down it. Bill's not asking; he's telling her: Find a way to make it work.

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