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Addison's looking up "cat sitters L.A." on her computer later when Sam tells her cats don't need a sitter. He asks if she's ever had a pet before, and she says, of course, they had horses with trainers and riders. Sam rolls his eyes. She also had a hermit crab, but the air filter was noisy, so she shut it off and the hermit crab died. Well, I also had hermit crabs, and they didn't require an air filter. However, when I (the responsible one) went to outdoor school for a week and my sister didn't feed or water them, they died. They do actually require food and water; go figure. Naomi barges in and tells Sam and Addison she's escaping her new director of genetic research. She explains Bill hired him behind her back, and that he's brilliant, arrogant, rude, and in a wheelchair. She explains the little patients who want the little baby, and Sam tells her she has a "small problem." No one laughs, but he tells Addison not to act like she wasn't thinking it. Naomi says she's in charge, and genetic selection is a line she won't cross. Sam gets up to leave, but not before telling her to "stand tall." He laughs at himself, and says he has to find Cooper, who will laugh with him. Naomi wonders why there's a cat in Addison's office, and Addison just sighs and keeps Googling.

Lobby. Cooper leads a kid out with conversations about green snot and other pleasantries. Charlotte stands there, looking annoyed. When his patient leaves, Cooper asks her what the problem is and offers to beat someone up for her. She says she has no patients, which is embarrassing after two weeks. She declares her practice a bomb. He tries to reassure her, but she's not hearing it because of his boatload of snotty (literal meaning) little kids.

Pete's office. He's with depressed girl's fiancée, Jimmy (who's played by Egyptian Joe, which makes it extremely difficult for me to take him seriously). He tells Pete how worried he is about her, and how we watches her all the time. He asks if Barbara's ever getting better. Pete says depression is tough, and treatment's not fast. He says it's been over a year, since she nursed her father as he died, and then she canceled the wedding. Jimmy loves her, and needs her better. She comes in and says she's tired of the pills and the talking. Violet has another way, that will help her feel better now. She's doing electroshock therapy.

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