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And then we're back in that same room with Naomi, Fife, and the little people, who tell Naomi that Fife's been a godsend, since they've wanted children for so long -- but they want a child like them. Fife explains to Naomi that there's only a 50-50 chance of them having a dwarf baby on their own, but with his magical science powers, "It's guaranteed." Naomi can't believe he's guaranteed that. Little man tells Naomi he knows it's odd to people who see being little as a deformity or disability, but they want a baby like them and are so grateful Naomi's going to give them a baby. Naomi tells them she needs time to review, and asks to speak to Fife outside. She leaves and he follows her. In the hall, Fife tells Naomi she doesn't exude confidence as he makes himself stand up in his chair. It's some sort of cool robotic chair that allows him to mechanically sit or stand. When he's in the standing position, he sort of towers over Naomi, so it's fun to watch him go from sitting, where he's smaller than her, to standing and looking down at her. He asks what he can do to expedite this process, and she says she hasn't agreed to do any of this and she's uncomfortable with the idea of designer children. Also, she doesn't think Fife actually works here. He tells her again she should read her emails, and he'll schedule the implantation for tomorrow. Then he rolls off, and she says, "There was no email."

Pete's new office. A lady lying on the table tells Pete how terribly depressed she is -- too depressed to move, to get off the table, to see Dr. Turner. He says she needs to see Violet to fight the depression. He says she got here, which is important, but she says Jimmy had to drag her. He tells her how important it is to get upstairs to help with the "biofeedback." She starts crying that she wants to die and why won't they just let her kill herself so she can stop feeling like this. All those who are okay with her killing herself? Yeah, me too, even though the dramatic music tells me I shouldn't be.

Oceanside. Violet and Sam are walking down the hall, as she's regaling him with a tale of her being mean to a patient (telling him he smells). That's her new thing, see? Saying what she thinks. She says it's freeing, and you know what? The patients like it. They arrive in the break room, and Addison comes in shortly after them with a cat carrier. She asks if anyone wants a temporary cat. Then Cooper comes in and tells her "Nice pussy." She glares, and he tells her not to be childish; he's talking about the cat. She says it's not her cat, anyway. It's her patient's. Cooper tells her to be careful, since she's single and living alone, and could become crazy cat lady. Sam and Cooper wonder why Cat Woman is so sexy but a woman with cats is so not? Violet thinks Addison should keep the cat. She tells her it's the perfect opportunity for someone with commitment issues to work through them. Then she adds, "I'm saying what I think! It's freeing." Addison tells her she's glad she's feeling better, but she doesn't have commitment issues. Charlotte comes in and Addison wonders if she likes cats. She's allergic, but is here to give Addison and Violet gifts for welcoming her to the practice. They're vibrators (and Addison just happens to have a banana in the other hand; it's a very inappropriately phallic moment for her). Cooper: "Please, not in front of the p... cat." Heh.

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