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Pete and Violet sit with Jimmy, and he wonders if he should just walk away. He says he loves her. Violet says she loved him, too, but memory and emotion are funny and they're all wrapped up together. She looks at Barbara in the other room, and she's smiling like an idiot. Jimmy tells Violet she did this, and it's not how it was supposed to be. Pete agrees it isn't and he wishes they could offer him more, but says all he can do is try to be happy for her. Try to move on. Jimmy leaves and Violet smiles at Pete.

Addison's. Sam shows up and asks if she's okay. She's on the floor looking under the couch, and Sam says he thought she said it was an emergency. She tells him she can't get Milo to come out from under the couch and she's tried everything: catnip, squeaky toy, boa, and even her vibrator. He says that's wrong on so many levels, but she says he actually took a couple swats at it. She wonders why he won't come out, and Sam says because it's nasty and because he's a cat. He brings over some cat food, sets it down, and Milo comes out. It took a heart surgeon to come up with that. Addison calls Sam the cat whisperer as he pours them both wine and asks if Milo's staying. She says she's keeping him. She says she has a cat, and toasts to crazy cat ladies. He toasts to Cat Woman. I'll say it again: I don't want them to be a couple. Please, show.

Next week: Sam and Addison are on a hike when they find a pregnant woman in a crazy accident. It looks like Addison ends up inside the car and it slides down a hill or something. Everything Addison knows will be put to the test, according to the announcer guy. She tells the lady something's going to hurt, and then the lady screams. So I'm thinking it really does.

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