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Addison's office. Lily's second cousin, Iris (a little heavy-handed with the flower names this episode, aren't we?), shows up. She says they weren't close, but Lily called and asked her to wrap up the loose ends. Iris says Lily told her to thank Addison for taking care of Milo, but she's come to take him home because Lily didn't want to impose any further. We get a cute shot of Milo with Addison in the background. I love how he's just hanging out in her office. Addison looks at him thoughtfully.

Pete and Violet are posing with the wind in the background. Violet laughs about how she dreamed up a huge trauma about Jimmy that turned out to be niceness. She can't believe someone could dislike someone so much she'd pretend not to remember him. Pete laughs too, but says it's not funny. Violet laughs that she wasn't going to tell Pete, but she thought Jimmy might have killed Barbara's father. Violet thinks it's sad, and Pete says it is. For Jimmy. He thinks they have to tell him the truth, that this isn't right. Violet wonders why they need to break his heart more honestly, since Barbara doesn't want to be with him either way. Pete asks if that's how it is for Violet, with him. He tells her not to answer, because he doesn't want to know. She tells him they're laughing, having fun. He agrees to lie to Jimmy.

Pacific Wellcare. Fife comes in, in standing wheelchair mode, to where Naomi is. He tells her she's persuasive, but not a very far-sighted doctor. He says science is about progress, and these choices will be commonplace in ten years. She says there are limits about what they should do. He asks if Naomi doesn't like him, and she says no, she doesn't. He says he didn't like her either, since she's gorgeous, annoyingly tall. As he seats himself back down, he says the fact that she was a giant fatty makes him like her just a little, since he knows there are chinks in her armor. She asks if that's supposed to be a compliment, and he says it is, but not to feel too good about it. He says she got what she wanted today, but the little people didn't.

Hospital. Charlotte's in a conversation with a patient, and Cooper's waiting when she comes out. He asks her if she notices how he waited until she was finished instead of barging in, since he respects her professionally. She says, "Yay for you." I am totally starting to hate her again. Cooper tells her that the pity patient is what doctors usually call referrals, and usually doctors thank each other for that. She starts lecturing about how he makes her feel bad about herself, but he interrupts and reminds her that she needs him and he's awesome. She apparently agrees because she asks if he can find her anymore "referrals." That was the most ridiculous quick turn in the history of ever. He won't tell her if there are more referrals until she'll say he's awesome. Neither happens before the scene ends, but you know she'll say it. Because he totally is.

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