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No previouslies. Instead, we jump right in with Mirah's Gone Are the Days played over sunny Los Angeles. Then we're in a sunny room where Addison's on a house call with her Patient of the Week (POTW), who is lying on a couch looking like she has cancer (surprise! she does!), and asking about Addison's bag. They discuss how great of a bag it is, since it's Chloe and Addison got it on sale. POTW goes so far as to call Addison a "lucky bitch." Well, she's at least half right. Oh, stop emailing me, Kate Walsh fans. I mean that she's lucky, of course. I'd describe anyone with a multi-million-dollar trust fund that way. Long story short: POTW is named Lily, and her ovarian cancer has spread to her liver. She's way beyond scared, but she doesn't want to go back to the hospital because she doesn't want to leave Milo, the orange tabby sitting near her face so we'll get how close they are. Addison scoffs that Lily would choose Milo over going to the hospital. But, hey, I don't have cancer or anything and I'd choose a cat over the hospital, too. And I don't even really like cats. Lily explains that Milo's her whole life because she gave up having anything else in her life for her career, which is something about design. Addison says she'll find someone for Milo, and Lily says it needs to be someone she can trust. A purring Milo rubs up against Addison, and I bet you can see where this is going to go...

Pacific Wellcare. A handsome guy in a wheelchair comes zooming up to Naomi, and tells her that their patients are already here and very excited to start treatment. Naomi's like, "Excuse me?" And he says he's Gabriel Fife, director of the genetic research program. She says they don't have a GRP, so Fife (that's shorter than Gabriel, so it's what I'll be calling him) tells her to keep up with her emails, since William (that would be Bill Buchanan) hired him. She says there was no email since she's the one who does the hiring around here. She follows him as he explains Bill thought Fife and Naomi would be good together, professionally speaking (though I'm certain the show has more than that in store), since Fife designed a technique that improves the success rate for complex implantations in various high-risk patients. She wonders what high-risk groups as they arrive in an office where he introduces their new patients, the Donovans. They are little people. They are here for implantation. Little man tells Naomi they want to have a dwarf baby. Naomi looks stunned. As is all of America, right? I mean, who would have thought Private Practice would find a way to put someone in a wheelchair, a black woman, and two little people all in one scene together? If only the storyline weren't such a cliché, I might declare this the most diverse show on television. (Don't worry, though; I won't. Not as long as Glee exists.) Fife tells them they're going to give them their dwarf baby. Sunny title card.

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