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And the Winner is ... Cooper Freedman
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Once again, no previouslies. Instead, we open on the elevator with Cooper looking like a sad puppy and Charlotte looking annoyed, with Addison standing between them, looking perfect and aloof while reading the newspaper. Charlotte says Cooper's barely talking to her because she was married a long time ago and Cooper doesn't think she told him soon enough. Addison says, "Wow, that's... none of my business and storms out of the elevator. She sees Stephen Collins, and they exchange cold hellos. Then Cooper comes up and adds, "Hello." When Addison glares at him, he cutely says, "I thought we were saying 'hello.' " Addison bitches that they're not, and he leaves. Then Stephen Collins calls her kitten and asks her for a drink (she protests it's too early), and says he'd like to talk. She asks if he's dying of something, and he says he came to see her. She says now he has and leads him to the elevator. He says he'll be at the Carlyle.

Speaking of dying, Pete's telling a patient that his cancer's spread everywhere, but he's kept his optimism. The patient jokes his colon's good, though. The patient's wife comes in and tells him that everything went well with her appointment (she's very pregnant), and that it's a girl, so he better revise his list of names. He says there's nothing wrong with a girl named Doug, and doctors are wrong all the time anyway. Oh, how he wishes that were true... The patient tells Pete he needs to be there in six weeks to hold their little girl. Pete says the patient's optimism is great and he couldn't ask for more, but the patient's wife said she can ask for more: She needs him there when their little girl is born. They hold hands and look at Pete, who's thinking, "Who do you think I am? God?"

Back at Oceanside, Cooper tells the others in the break room that Addison's taken a "lovah." That's how he actually says it. Sam: "And he's old?" Charlotte clarifies that he's good-looking old, though, and that from the looks of their fighting, he's not her lover anymore. Sam muses that she never said anything about a guy, refraining from adding, "WHEN WE STUPIDLY MADE OUT." Addison walks in, and they all look at her. She turns and says she's not talking about it, then Dell storms in and asks if everyone had a good weekend. He says he had a good weekend: He got married. He knows it's fast and crazy, but ... it's Heather. He says he knows what they're going to say, but he's happy and Betsey's happy, and he loves Heather. So, yeah, it was a good weekend. Violet shakes her head, as if Dell's the one making head-shake-worthy mistakes. He leaves everyone in stunned silence.

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Private Practice




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