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I never thought I'd give an episode of this show an A+, but, hey, I grade on a curve and this is as good as Private Practice gets. It's also the first week I can remember liking this show more than Grey's (not that that's saying a whole lot, but since I typically prefer Grey's, it's saying something). What I don't like, though, is how the episode opens with Addison delivering a baby while this song starts all tinkly and fitting, then starts blaring, jarringly, over the scene. When I first watched this episode, I thought something was wrong with my TV, and it was playing music from another channel over this channel, but then I realized I could see lyrics and music notes in the captions. As Addison's delivering the baby, the father rushes in. He's been dealing with "the girls," who he says are getting settled and doing okay, but the nurse took some blood, which didn't go over too well with Niki (that little brat! No, really, that's what he's thinking. Just wait.) Mom, whose name is Renee, makes a major push and then Addison's holding a baby. She tells Renee he looks perfect, "Trevor, right?" And Renee just asks how his cord looks. Addison asks if they want to hold him, but Renee says, "Just do the cord." Parents watch, Dad even rubbing his hands together like an evil scientists, as someone syringes blood from the umbilical cord. Addison looks concerned.

Music gets quieter, but still plays inappropriately into the next scene, which starts on Sam, who says, "What are we doing here... ?" Then, we see scared Dink sitting at Sam's desk as Sam finishes: "... Dink." Dink: "Could I get some, uh, water?" Sam withholds it until Dink gets to the point, so Dink tries, but first he tells Sam he's a little scary. But Dink wants to be a good father, so he needs to learn to stand up to him and say what's on his mind. That's why he's here, he stammers. And stammers. Sam: "Dink!" Dink says he and Maya have talked, and they want to do the right thing. Sam nods until Dink says, "We want to get married, sir," at which point he just stops and stares at Dink, who says he's here to ask for Maya's hand. Silence (finally!) over the opening title.

Pacific Wellcare. Pete, Naomi, and Sheldon all chat in their less-fancy break room over coffee. [But isn't their coffee amazing? Like weren't there entire episodes devoted to this amazing coffee? So you'd think they'd have a nice swanky break room to go with it. -- Angel] If Naomi weren't such a stick in the mud these days, I'd say this place somehow became much cooler than Oceanside. Naomi is actually mostly silent as Sheldon and Pete talk about women. Sheldon had a date, Pete's been seeing lots of women because Lucas is quite the chick magnet. Sheldon makes fun of the spit-up on Pete's shirt. Sam comes in and tells Naomi he needs to talk to her, since Dink came to see him. Naomi gets the best line of the episode: "I don't want to talk about anything named Dink." Sam doesn't stop, though, and tells Naomi that Dink wants to marry Maya. Naomi says she has a patient, so Sam harshly tells her they need to figure out what's going on with their daughter, who's pregnant, in love, and wants to get married. She can't right now, and leaves. Pete and Sheldon just look at Sam, who's probably not even as annoyed as he should be.

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