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Now everyone sit back and get comfortable. Get a box of tissues if you must. It's time for our Daily Drama! Addison meets Laura and Daniel, who are a loving, adorable married couple bursting at the seams with excitement over their impending baby. Pete is there to help with their holistic birth plan. And to give him at least a semblance of a storyline. Daniel is played by Wesley from Buffy! How exciting that he finally has a new (albeit temporary) role. Too bad he is playing in the Drama du Jour and we won't be seeing more of him. But who knows? Maybe the Hellmouth will open and swallow Oceanside Wellness? They're in Southern California, right? The couple is getting an ultrasound and are thrilled when Addison tells them it is a girl. They are less thrilled when Addison gets her Look of Great Concern. Turns out the fetus may have a disease that causes heart and face abnormalities. Daniel is very concerned that it is genetic. Addison orders some tests and Pete sits there looking alterna-concerned. 'Cause he's an alternative medicine doctor. Get it? Get it? Sorry.

Wow this episode is full of guest stars! Sam walks out to the waiting room to meet his next patient and it is Billy Dee Williams (!!) playing an older man whose beloved wife is suffering from Alzheimer's. Billy Dee hasn't made it into the office much because he is caring for Frances and that takes priority. Sam and Naomi are concerned because Billy Dee's health is failing while he cares for his wife. Frances thinks Naomi is her sister and does whatever she says. Like take her medicine. It's kind of sad to see Billy Dee playing an elderly man. I mean I'm glad he is getting work and everything, but he will always be Lando in my heart. And the voice of Colt 45 in my liver.

Addison is trying to work, but is distracted first by the construction and then by Dell. He has put a rush on the Dramas lab work and they should hear back by noon. But he has something more pressing to discuss: He needs an office. And to finish his midwifery hours. Addison puts him off again, but Dell wants it now. In fact he wants it so much he emptied out the office storeroom. Addison rolls her eyes and sighs at Dell. She'll get him a proper office, she just needs time. Addison sure is playing fast and loose with an employee who only recently came back to work with a whole stack of preconditions. And, seriously, what is Addison's problem? Did she have Bitchy Flakes for breakfast?

Sam is worried about Billy Dee's health, but Billy Dee doesn't have time for the pain. Sam tries to convince him that he needs help, but Billy Dee won't hear it. He won't put Frances in a nursing home. She is the love of his life and he won't put her in a home.

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