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The (Crazy) Bitch is Back
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We pick up where we left off weeks ago, with Violet showing up at Pete's and everyone acting all weird about it, like Violet and Addison seeing each other is the worst thing that could ever happen. Seriously, show: Melodrama much? Violet says she could have called first, but Pete says it's fine, then Violet comes in all, "So, you and Addison?" But realizes Addison is RIGHT THERE, so she turns and says hi to her. Then Violet starts crying about how big Lucas is, and how she's a stranger to him now. Pete comforts her and then she cries more, all pirate squinty-eyed as she apologizes. She holds Lucas, which obviously stresses Addison out. Because she watches Pete, Lucas and Violet and is thinking, "That's a family."

At the office, Violet's alone in the breakroom when she realizes everyone's outside the window gawking. They all come in, acting awkward, until she tells them to go ahead and ask. Charlotte asks if she's all messed up and freaky still, and everyone shushes her, but Violet answers that she's ready to be Lucas's mom. Addison comes in then and says "Good morning," but it's awkward, and Cooper even mouths something to Violet. No one talks, so Addison goes to do work. Everyone else does, too. In Cooper's office are two adults, who say their kid is in the restroom. Cooper asks if it's a stomachache, but the parents say it's a little more than that. The kid walks in with a hockey mask on, and Cooper asks if he's a hockey player. Nope. But when Cooper asks him to take the hockey mask off, the kid's all, "My parents don't let me." Dramatic music and then sunny title card. When we're back, the parents are filling Cooper in that the kid eats things that aren't food: part of his pillow, couch cushion pieces. The parents beg Cooper to help.

Pete finds Addison in her office and asks if she's okay. She says she is, but he tells her he knows this is weird. She says it's great Violet's back and wants to see Lucas. Right? Pete sighs and says Violet wants to see him again, so he's going to bring him to the office tomorrow if it's okay with Addison. She says she's not his mother. Pete tells her she does so much for him and is "not nobody to him." Addison agrees, but says he's Violet's child. Pete walks around and hugs her, and says he wants her to be okay with him letting Violet try. She gets teary, and he says he needs Addison to help him be okay with it, because it's scary for him. Addison says she's okay, and this is going to be good for Lucas. He leaves her and she looks less okay then she's letting on.

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