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Pregnant Without Purpose

In surgery, Jane's still stroke-talking, asking "Baby?" And Addison is talking baby-talk to her. When the baby comes out, it's not breathing, so Addison has to intubate. She's successful, of course. She's Addison Forbes Montgomery, Miracle Worker. She tells Jane the baby's okay.

Violet comes in to Naomi's office to tell her she thinks she was wrong about Mommy Dearest using Terry's embryos, because kids only see one side of things -- that Mommy Dearest really wants to change. Violet thinks she will be a different mom this time around. Naomi asks if it's guilt or her just trying to replace her daughter? But Violet says her commitment is reason enough to give her this second chance. Okay, whatever.

Pete walks in to Keith's hotel room, where Keith's packing up to leave. He tells Pete he has to get going, but Pete says he needs him to stay for his wife. Keith says he can't be that guy anymore. Pete tells him he has a real chance to get clean if he stays. But he leaves. Fortunately, Violet apparently signed the 5150, because there are cops waiting out there, who grab Keith. Pete comes out and tells him he's going to the psych ward at St. Ambrose, where addiction experts will help him. Keith calls Pete a sonofabitch, but I think he'll thank him for it later. The cops take him off. Then Keith's wife comes in and tells Pete if it's going to work, he has to want it. Pete says he can get there; he's not beyond hope. I think Pete's also talking about himself, except that he doesn't know what's going on with Violet. Or does he? After all, it's supposed to be clear in a hospital how your patients' problems parallel your own, so Pete must know that he's learning something from this, no?

Back at Oceanside, Naomi is implanting Mommy Dearest as Violet stands by. Mommy Dearest stops Naomi and asks them what if she's making a mistake and won't do any better this time? What if she's destined to be a bad mother? She cries. Naomi tells her she's not destined to be anything, and she can change and be the kind of mother that she thinks Terry's baby deserves. If she commits to that, it will be amazing, for both of them. Meaning Mommy Dearest and the baby, not Mommy Dearest and Violet, but Violet is listening, too, and it all pertains to her. She knew there had to be a reason she agreed to let this happen: so she could learn from Naomi's inspirational speech to her patient.

Addison's bringing Jane's baby in to see her. She tells Jane how good she did, making a baby that's breathing on his own and everything. Tim's there and he offers to hand her the baby. She cries that she's glad he's there. Less stroke-talking than before, so she must be getting better. Or not. I don't know how it works. I'm not a doctor, okay? He gives her the baby, and they hug and cry. Addison smiles, thinking to herself, "I am awesome. Look what I made."

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