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Pregnant Without Purpose

At the hospital, Jane's having contractions, and Addison tells her that while it's early, she thinks it will be okay. Jane's still talking like a stroke patient. I thought that would go away. Anyway, Addison called Archer there to get him to reverse the blood thinners, because she has to operate, but Archer says that will cause her to have another stroke, so he's not okay with that. Addison asks if she can do the C-section with a spinal and he can do an "intraoperative EEG and monitor the neuro status." I don't know what any of that means or if it's correct, but it's what my captioning is telling me she said. She is so much smarter than me. Archer agrees, and Addison goes to tell Jane they're going to operate. Jane calls for Tim, and Addison says she already called him. Um, when? Haven't we seen this whole thing play out? When exactly did Addison do that? I guess she's even more amazing than we thought. And then she stops to breathe and try to look pretty. But instead she makes that weird face that Kate Walsh is prone to make where she sticks her lips out like she's going to talk, but then doesn't. It's ... odd. I hate it.

Cooper knocks on Charlotte's office door. He wants her to hear him out, but she says no more talking and expressing, because it's done. He tells her it could be done, that would be fine, and he wouldn't be that much of a mess because she's not pregnant and they don't live together, and she hasn't left so much as a T-shirt at his house. (Right, except that you already returned a box of stuff to her several episodes ago, forgetful Cooper!) But he's not ready to let go. She tries to slam the door, but he stops it and tells her they're not the cute couple, but they're still a couple and he loves it. He's nowhere near ready to give up. She's tear-eyed. He says even if she's giving up, he's not. She says, "Well won't that be lonely?" Man, all that because she humiliated herself? How is that Cooper's fault? She should be mean to herself, not to him, right?

Violet goes into Pete's office, where he immediately asks if she'll sign a "5150" to force Keith into a psych facility, where they can choose to give him treatment. She argues against it, and then brings up kids, saying they can sometimes inspire things in people that adults can't. Then he says it's good he never had kids, because he's too selfish, and he's "past that window." So, will she sign the 5150? She tells him that if you force something on someone that they don't want, they'll never fully commit. Wait, is that a no, or just her realization that she can't tell Pete she's pregnant either? Also, can I just say that I hate this: If you are pregnant, you tell the father if he is in your life, even if he doesn't like kids. Plenty of people who don't like kids end up having them, and guess what? They like their own. Almost everyone does. Wouldn't a therapist be smarter than this?

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