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Sam and Sonya are kissing, when his phone rings. It's Naomi, wanting more advice about her love life. She needs him to decode what "good-time guy" means. He says it's someone you have a good time with, which I'd think Naomi would be able to figure out on her own. She asks Sam if he's being a good-time guy, but Sam says Sonya's not a good-time guy girl. As he says this, though, she's getting naked, making herself seem sort of like a good-time guy girl. Anyway, Naomi teases him about using his inhaler and then gives him a "Go for it!" pep talk. And then he and Sonya start making out, headed toward sex, and he has to use his inhaler.

Keith wakes up in the hospital, where Pete is taking his vitals. Pete tells him they found him on the beach, and Keith says he hopes he was wearing sunscreen. Pete doesn't think this is anything to joke about, though, because apparently Keith has an infection from using dirty needles. Pete wants to know why he did this, since he gave him clean needles. But Keith traded the needles for more drugs. Keith tries to leave, saying he can get better, but Pete holds him down and tells him the infection he has is eating his heart, and the hepatitis C he has (the reason Pete gave him needles) is destroying his liver, so if he leaves he'll die.

Addison shows up at work, and Naomi asks if she's mad at her. Addison says she's a grown woman, having sex with Addison's brother, but still a grown woman. Naomi asks if a grown woman like her can go out with a "good-time guy." Addison thinks it's funny that he's calling himself that. Then she tells Naomi to be careful about him, because things don't tend to end well for the women in his life, and Naomi's her friend. Then she explains that she's mad because she thinks she's big stuff until he comes and makes her feel like the little sister. Then she says it's not Archer's fault, but him coming here and telling her how bad Kevin was is what made her want to push so hard with Kevin. Naomi thinks Addison should try having a different type of relationship with Archer, like she's doing with Sam. She thinks if she and Sam can get past it all, surely Addison and Archer can. Addison's phone dings so she leaves, but Sam comes in all sad and tells Naomi that Sonya did, in fact, call 911. Naomi says she's sorry, but you know she's secretly loving it.

Violet's talking to Mommy Dearest, who knows that Terry probably didn't say very flattering things about her. Violet is going to go ahead and throw out that whole "doctor-patient privilege" thing and instead says that Terry had negative feelings, which is why Violet's not sure this is a good idea. Mommy Dearest explains how Terry ruined her career and her life, by making her feel constantly overwhelmed and inadequate. Violet wonders why she'd want to subject herself to that again, and Mommy Dearest says she wants it to be different this time. When Violet asks why she assumes it would be, Mommy Dearest says the pain she lived with every day of Terry's life. It's really ridiculous and makes no sense, but she basically says she wants this baby to give Terry's baby the love that Terry deserved. Its' the love that every child deserves, and she's capable of it. Violet looks all moved and stuff, because, of course, she's thinking about herself and tying her own issues up with what Mommy Dearest is going through. Which is completely stupid, because Mommy Dearest is a crazy person who needs to be stopped, and now everyone's feeling all sympathetic toward her.

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