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Pregnant Without Purpose

Charlotte gets on the elevator, and Coop's already there. Ever notice that there are even more coincidental elevator rides on this show than on Grey's? It's annoying. Like every time something's going on with someone, you end up in the elevator together. That just does not happen. Cooper tells Charlotte this is crazy. He says her sarcasm is killing them. Then he says they're a perfect match and she needs to admit it. She stops the elevator and tells him she's humiliated and can't look him in the face after she sobbed like a 12-year-old, and then proposed and got turned down. He tells her she shouldn't feel humiliated, but she says she does, and storms out of the elevator.

Pete shows up at Keith's wife's and asks if she's seen him. She hasn't seen him in months. She can't believe he went to Pete, but he tells her about the clean needles. She says that's not helping Keith; that's enabling. She knows because she was an enabler, too, and she had to cut him off for his own good and hers. She picks up a picture of Keith before drugs and says that's her husband, but the other one is kicked out. Pete wants to get him back, but she says that's beyond hope.

Ex-husband Tim catches Addison at the hospital and asks how Jane is. She basically says Jane can't talk yet, but everything's looking good for her and the baby. He cries, but still seems a little guilty to me. I guess it's because he thinks it was his fault, but it seems more ominous to me. Addison asks if he'd like to see Jane, but he says she doesn't want to see him. He'll tell Jane's family that she's okay.

Archer and Naomi are finishing up sex and he asks if he can stay the night. She says no, because she doesn't want Maya to wake up and see him here, but he can come back tomorrow night. He can't. He has a date. With another woman. She acts upset and he says this is fun, and amazing, but he's not her boyfriend. Then he says -- and this is so ridiculous that I must quote directly - "Look. I'm a good-time guy. I'm your good-time guy. And you should enjoy the good-time guy, because the good-time guy is good." Then he asks if she wants to go again, and apparently the ridiculous good-time guy speech won her over, because she does want to. She says he has to go right after, though.

Someone knocks on Violet's door, and after looking out her peep hole, she hides the book Cooper gave her, because ... it's Sheldon. He walks right in, and tells her he wants to talk about their "situation." She thinks he means the pregnancy, but really he just knows there's a problem and wants to know what it is. Just then Cooper comes in with another bag of food. He's glad Sheldon's there. He need advice, but he will go. Violet wants him and his bag of food to stay.

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