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Pregnant Without Purpose

Violet's now in the break room at Oceanside, eating even more. Naomi asks if she's miserable or starving, and Violet says both. Naomi asks if she wants to talk, but Violet says the food is doing the trick. Naomi tells Violet about Mommy Dearest, and Violet immediately says letting her be implanted with the embryos is a bad idea, not because of the age or carrying her grandchild. She's only interested in what Terry would think, and Terry hated her mother. Giving her another child would have been Terry's worst nightmare.

Archer's pulling the clot out of Jane's brain, when she starts having a contraction (a side effect of something). Addison has to hold her and calm her, as Archer finishes up, saying "What a pretty sight."

Cooper walks in as Violet and Naomi are still debating Mommy Dearest's request. Violet asks him if it's ever appropriate for a woman to be implanted with her daughter's embryos. He was dreading the choice between two cereals, so he's not up to this type of decision. But Violet didn't care anyway. She and Naomi just keep yelling at each other. Violet says she can adopt, but Naomi says she doesn't want just any child, but this one. Cooper points out she will go to another doctor for implantation if Naomi doesn't do it, since the embryos are Mommy Dearest's property. Violet says there are very few doctors who could successfully get a woman her age pregnant, so if Naomi says no, the problem ends here. Cooper makes this about something else, and asks if older women being pregnant isn't part of the beauty of IVF, since women can have their careers and lives before getting pregnant. All of a sudden it's about Violet, but, um, did he just call her old? Hit him, Violet! Violet asks what it would be like to be a soccer mom in your 50s or prom dress shopping in your 60s. Cooper spouts some platitudes about how not all pregnancy situations are ideal but if this woman is going to make a good-faith effort, why are they against that? All of a sudden, Violet looks thoughtful because he's talking about her. At least she's a doctor, though, and won't let her personal feelings affect her feelings about this case. Right? Oh, right.

Archer and Addison are drinking coffee outside the hospital after surgery. He thinks they're a good team, but she says they're not a team. She's made a life here, away from Busy and Derek. And she doesn't want him to be part of it. In other words: She owns L.A., so he should back the eff off. She doesn't want to be judged, so he says he won't judge. He doesn't know how to stay out of her life. He misses her. She misses him, but this isn't a visit. He's all up in her life: in her city, in her building, in her best friend, in her patient's brain. She tells him he has to go, then she leaves him there with both coffees as a sad song starts.

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