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Pregnant Without Purpose

Mommy Dearest is being checked out by Naomi, who tells her she's concerned. Mommy Dearest knows she's 52, but her gynecologist has her on hormone therapy and thinks she's ready for implantation. Naomi says it's not just age (but, I hope it's at least partly age, because 52? Seriously? That's just one year younger than my mom and I'm 30), but that her body has been through a lot of stress, with losing a daughter and all. But after checking her out, she says her body is definitely ready. Mommy Dearest says this isn't about grief; it's about honoring Terry's wish to have a baby. Yeah, except that I think she probably wanted to actually have it and raise it and, you know, live.

As Sam stitches up Dell, Pete paces and says he's never seen Keith this bad. Dell thinks Keith should have to go to jail. He's not mad or anything, but he thinks Pete's tried and it didn't work, and in jail he'd have to go cold turkey. Sam agrees with Dell, but Pete thinks Keith needs to be in a program. He knows Keith has it in him to get clean with the right kind of help.

Jane is making moaning sounds as Archer and Addison get ready to operate. They know she wants to talk, but she can't. They have to keep her awake, but they will sedate her. Addison talks soothingly, saying they're going to get her and her baby through this.

Cooper brings Charlotte a peace offering: a deep-fried fritter for her Southern taste buds. She doesn't want to talk to him. He says he's sorry he said no about the marriage, but he did tell her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, so could she tell him what he did that's so unforgivable? She says if he doesn't know, she can't help him, and that they don't have to talk about it. So he leaves, but not before taking the fritter with him. I don't get these two. First one is mad, then the other. Can't we all just get along?

Violet's eating breakfast on the fourth floor when Sheldon approaches her and says she's been avoiding talking to him. I think if she were actually avoiding, she wouldn't stop on your floor for breakfast, brainiac. She says she's just been busy, and has a patient waiting. Cooper comes out and is glad they're talking, but Sheldon says they're actually not talking. Violet says they are, and she loves talking to him. As she says this, she takes the fritter from Cooper, because, you know ... the cravings. Cooper spots some kids in the waiting room and talks about how cute they are. This gets Sheldon to say he's not a kid person because they don't like him. (I don't blame them.) Cooper asks if he has kids, and Sheldon says, "God no!" Cooper bets Sheldon's great with them. Sheldon says he's great with them in short bursts, which is fine because that's all he sees them.

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