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Pregnant Without Purpose

Diane Venora, who I will always think of as Mrs. Capulet, is sitting with Naomi talking about her daughter, who just died. She was pregnant, and was so excited about it, and it was all thanks to Naomi. A drunk driver apparently hit them and killed both her daughter, Terry, and her husband. The embryos that were still left frozen now belong to Mommy Dearest, and she would like to have her daughter's baby, please. Naomi looks shocked, but not disgusted, which is how I feel.

Pete goes into his office to find dirty guy passed out. Dell comes in and gives him some sort of shot, which Pete administers, then he shakes the guy, whom he calls Keith, and tries to get him to wake up. He doesn't before the commercial. When we return, he's hooked up to oxygen and Sam's taking his pulse as Pete paces at the head of the Couch of Eastern Medicine, and Dell stands there with his arms crossed. The question would be: "How many Oceanside Wellness employees does it take to take a pulse?" Anyway, Pete explains the guy was a real estate agent who came to him to handle his stress during these bad economic times (how topical!). He lost his job, and his wife, and started using drugs, and he mainly comes to Pete for the clean needles. Sam's not happy about this, but Pete says he knows this guy and it's the only way he can help him. Right then, Keith wakes up. His head hurts and he goes crazy and pushes Dell into one of Pete's Shelves of Eastern Medicine as he runs out.

Addison and Archer are preparing for surgery. He asks if she's really mad about Naomi, and she thinks he's dumb for thinking she's mad about that. They talk about some sort of thing from the past that no one cares about (he let someone wear a sweater, and that someone puked on it). Anyway, Addison's not mad about Naomi. She's mad he took a job at the practice that is trying to bury her. Archer says that Wyatt left, chasing some ridiculous amount of pharmaceutical cash (wow; that's a weird way to write him out -- and why so sudden?). Charlotte needed a big name, so who better than Archer? Addison looks at him as if he is somehow more arrogant than she is. But she's lacking self-awareness if this is actually what she's thinking. She asks why he's here, and he says he wanted to get away from some things in New York. Plus, he wanted to try again and make things better after how they left things last time. He wants her to give working together a chance, on this case. As long as they do it his way, of course.

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