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Pregnant Without Purpose

Cooper shows up at Violet's with all sort of food and sweets for her. But no coffee for her. He's making her give it up. See how he'd be an awesome baby daddy for Violet? She's hungry, but he says it's cravings and then throws a copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" on her table and cites the page that talks about cravings. Um, Cooper? You should not have that book memorized. Except that you're a pediatrician, so, okay, you're forgiven. But, then, if pediatricians rely on books that we all can read, do we really need pediatricians? Shouldn't he have a more complicated book or something? He then gives Violet crap about telling the father. She doesn't know if Sheldon or Pete wants kids, and doesn't even know if she wants kids. He says she has to tell someone, and she replies, "I did. I told you." My thoughts exactly. Cooper would be the best father (not that I don't love Pete).

Naomi is stressed in the break room, so Sam volunteers his ear for her talking. She says it's about another man, and he says he can handle it. She tells him she slept with Archer, and he has to use his inhaler. Hee. I love Sam's anxiety-induced asthma. He manages to get it together enough to ask her, in stilted speech, if she's worried about Addison finding out (um, she already knows) or about everyone finding out that Naomi kept Archer being hired by Charlotte a secret. She says both, but mostly she's worried that Addison will guilt Archer into not having sex with her again and she really doesn't want that, because the sex is awesome. Sam has to sit down from the anxiety, and she apologizes. He's all, "Whatever, dude, I have a girlfriend." She asks how that's going, and he tries to say it's great, but then says that Sonya's making him wait until she's ready. But she's ready now. Naomi tells him to take his inhaler, and he says he's not a virgin anymore! But, yeah, he'll take his inhaler. She starts to walk out, but turns and says she never thought they'd get here, to "friends." He agrees, but I think that the inhaler proves they're not exactly at "friends" yet.

Dell greets an unkempt, semi-dirty guy in a leather jacket. He's looking for Pete, but Dell says he's running late this morning, and asks if he can help him. The guy says he knows he must look like crap; it's been one of those mornings. Actually, dude, you look like it's been one of those years. But Dell shows him back to Pete's office, like a MORON. You don't leave some guy who looks like he hasn't showered in a week in Pete's office with all of his herbs. He might think they're drugs and ingest them.

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