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Sam and Naomi go into Pete's office and she asks Pete what he has for anxiety-induced asthma, so that he can seal the deal with Sonya. Pete thinks this is weird, because it is. But he has butterbur and dried ivy, which will do the trick. Naomi tells Sam good luck and leaves. Pete looks on surprised and then tells Sam how great it is that they're friends after everything. Sam agrees.

Cooper comes to Violet's with more food. He says he opened his soul, but Charlotte's still not talking. Violet tells Cooper that Sheldon and Pete both don't want kids. And she also doesn't want kids. She's wearing her Oregon T-shirt again, which is awesome (because I'm in Oregon). She tells him she's alone, and what business does she have having kids? He says she's not alone. She tells him she wakes up in a cold sweat every night, and will wait too long and not be able to have an abortion. She tells him if he's not bringing her food, she's lost. He makes her feel better, though. He tells her he will be here, then, whenever she needs him. They'll sit, eat, work through everything, and make it okay together. You know, like parents. Because they are totally going to parent this baby together and become a couple, right? She asks if he'd really do that for her, and he says he'd do anything for her. Awwww.

Addison knocks on Archer's office door (he asked her to do that in the future, by the way; I didn't think that would be important so I didn't include it, but apparently it was foreshadowing). She tells him she's not glad he's working for the enemy and he needs to stay out of her personal life, but he can stay. They give each other a high-five and leave together. He says this is going to be fun.

Sam and Sonya are having sex. And ... scene.

Then Archer shows up at Naomi's and she says she thought he had a date (has it really only been a day? So much happens every day on this show). He canceled it. She says she thought he was a good-time guy. He says all he knows is he was getting ready for a date, but wanting to be with her. He realized she's a keeper. He comes in and asks where her child is in a way that makes it clear he does not want kids. She's at a sleepover, so he wants to get her naked. He chases her up the stairs. Awww, it's sort of sweet. Who saw that coming?

Charlotte shows up at Cooper's with cornbread chicken casserole as a peace offering. She fails to notice he has a packed suitcase, because she's rambling about how her mama used to bring this dish to the neighbors to make peace after Landry and Duke let their pigs out. Charlotte's sure come a long way, hasn't she? Cooper smiles, as she says it's the only thing she knows how to make. Then she tells him she screwed up, and she wants to make it right. She was thinking that, since he wanted her to move in a few months ago, maybe they should do that now: a good first step. She asks what's the matter, and he looks at his suitcase. She asks if he's going somewhere, and he says he's moving in with Violet. She looks heartbroken, like she's about to sob. He looks sad and regretful. But he doesn't explain why or anything, because then there would not be any drama. And Lord knows we need the drama. Oh, whatever, Cooper. Stay with Violet. She might be crazy, but you guys love each other unconditionally without all of the crazy fighting back and forth and secrets and ignoring each other. Plus, I'm sure Violet doesn't have anyone who she refers to as "Big Daddy."

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