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Pregnant Without Purpose
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Addison rushes breathlessly into the hospital, where she's greeted -- or, rather, accosted -- by Archer. He's mad she hasn't returned his calls, and so he does this stupid "For now" automatic response in which his answer to everything she says is "For now." Like this: Addison says, "I didn't know you were here." Archer: "For now." Addison: "Working for Charlotte." Archer: "For now." You're getting it. He thinks it's funny that she's walked in on him twice now. Yes, what a laugh riot to walk in on your brother having sex all the time. Ha! SO FUNNY! Archer starts briefing Addison on a patient, which annoys and puzzles her. Anyway, turns out she's about to walk in on a pregnant patient who had a stroke. Charlotte greets them, and then says something about Archer being called in because he's her new neurologist.

Addison greets the husband, Tim, and asks what happened. He says they were arguing, and then his wife, Jane, dropped her orange juice and then couldn't speak. Addison checks out the baby, whose heartbeat is normal. Jane tries to talk, and it's almost too stroke-patient realistic. I'm wondering if this woman is acting. Archer figures out by telling time that she's currently having a stroke, and he thinks they can go in and stop the stroke before it's done and that will somehow be good. Tim asks about the baby and we get our annoying drums that lead us to the main titles.

Then we're back in Jane's room with beeping monitors and sad husband. He asks Addison if the fight caused this, but Addison says there are no predictors for a stroke. He then explains the divorce has been ugly (so apparently they're no longer married), and that she hates that she's pregnant because it has kept him in her life. That was the last thing she said before she had a stroke. She wished she wasn't pregnant so she'd never have to see him again. He's all teary and, I must say, a little creepy-acting. I'm not sure if we're supposed to suspect him of, like, hitting her in the head and causing this, but I totally am.

Archer busts in all happy and smiling about having to cut into her brain. Addison doesn't want him cutting into her brain to stop the stroke, because Jane's life isn't a risk. The stroke won't kill her or the baby, but the surgery might. She calls Archer "Archie," causing him to say, "You are mad!" Is it just me, or is "Archie" not a "I'm so mad at you that I'm calling you this" name? It's more of the nickname, no? Archer should be the name he's called by those who are mad at him (which would be pretty much anyone who has known him for more than five minutes). Archer lobbies for a better quality of life for Jane, and he insists he can save both Jane and the baby.

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