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"How Come All Anybody Thinks About Is Sex?"
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Previously. Oh, wait, this show doesn't do previouslies anymore. If you haven't watched before, you're going to be pretty lost. Unless you just finished watching Grey's and stuck around here for Bailey. In which case, welcome. The weecaps should catch you up, if you care what's going on with Naomi and Addison, why Violet's baby lives with Pete even though his paternity is questionable, and who on earth that squeaky-voiced woman berating Addison is.

Bailey shows up in sunny L.A., and immediately tells everyone helping her get her patient out of the ambulance that it's not a beach party. Well, actually, Miranda... this is L.A. Even the depression, gloom and heartache are all beaches and sun here. They can't help it. Addison greets Bailey at the ER entrance, and tells her there's a transplant team standing by to give Sarah her sister's kidney. Bailey says that, without the kidney, Sarah will go into full renal failure in 72 hours. Then they finally greet, all "Hi," and Bailey fills Addison in on everything that's happened on Grey's (wouldn't it have made more sense if Addison had filled Bailey in so that we'd get our "this is what's going on" since they keep skipping previouslies? I know Addison would legitimately want to know, but it seems like a waste of time to tell Private Practice viewers what's happening on Grey's; either they watch it and know, or they don't care): "Seattle Grace is merging with Mercy West, which means half the doctors in the city are out of a job. I'm getting a divorce, which means I'm a single mom. Stevens has cancer. Meredith and Derek got married on a Post-It note! And George O'Malley is dead, but you know that already. I don't sleep much anymore, because I lie awake at night and wonder where all the joy is. During the day I realize the joy packed its bags and left. The glasses of the world are half-empty." Addison: "But... you're an attending." Bailey agrees with that, and asks how Addison is.

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