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At this point, I shouldn't have to tell you there are no previouslies. Instead, we open on a weird split screen of ocean and trees, as Sam says, "I forgot about the adrenaline rush." We zoom in on the left (trees) to see Sam and Addison hiking. She tells him she knows; he needs to hike more often. But he's like, "No. Surgery." She agrees it's amazing, and nothing beats it -- "Not sex..." But he interrupts: "Sex beats it." Addison says she wouldn't know, since it's been so long. She says it's like an old Western town down there, and Sam plugs his ears. She rambles on about tumbleweeds and a sheriff as he says, "Please stop talking. Please stop talking. Please stop talking." Okay, it's official: I adore this friendship. He changes the subject, since they have business to talk about. They have to decide whether to replace Naomi or what to do with her shares. Addison agrees and already came up with a figure for buying out her shares. She was going to make the suggestion to the others today. He thinks that's perfect. She tells him that, even without adding someone, they could have another surgeon at the practice: Sam.

At the practice, Violet's in the elevator when Pete runs up to catch it. He has Lucas with him when he gets into the elevator. She doesn't look at Lucas and gives Pete a cold "Good morning." He tells her the nanny had a cold and he didn't want Lucas to get it, and he'll try to keep him out of the way. She says, "Well, have a good day" when she gets out of the elevator. Dell's already at work and already mopey again, with his head laying on the desk when Addison comes in wearing an adorable red dress with white floral print on it. She's happy to see him back (that makes two of us), as he tells her how hard it was to let Betsey go to her first day at a new school, since she grabbed onto his leg and didn't want to let him go. Addison looks at a picture of Betsey on his desk and reassures him, then tells him he can take off early to check on her if he needs to. A young pregnant girl comes in and tells Dell her contractions are here, and he gets up to get her settled. Addison welcomes him back.

In Violet's office, Tracie Thoms (how cool that the show keeps getting Taye's Rent castmates to guest?) and a handsome man who's presumably her husband are sitting on the couch. She tells Violet that he won't even look at her. He protests, but she says that's what it feels like. He stammers that, "It's just... Ever since..." Violet finishes: "The rape? It's okay to say it. Sometimes it helps." But he doesn't want to bring it up, because of Collette (that would be Tracie). She asks if he thinks she might forget it happened if he doesn't bring it up. And Violet agrees that that's the thing: It happened. And if he can't deal with it for his wife, they won't be able to move forward together. Ty gets up to leave, and Collette asks him to wait by the elevators because she has to use the restroom. But what she does instead is stay behind in Violet's office and confess that she's pregnant, which should be great news because they've wanted it for so long, but she's eight weeks along so she doesn't know if it's Ty's or the rapist's. Jarringly sunny title card.

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