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They're Just Trying to Make Us Cry
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We open with Addison sleeping across Cop Kevin's stomach as music that is supposed to make us sad is playing. Why are we sad? Oh, right, because Addison kissed Wyatt, and we're supposed to care about Kevin. I guess I forgot to. She wakes up and notices he's wide-awake, and asks what's wrong. He asks her if it's really just work, and she says, "You've got to be kidding," when what she means is, "No. I'm a big cheater. Did I forget to mention that?" He points out she was out late, didn't call, and didn't answer her phone. She's exasperated about how many times they've had this conversation. While she is lying, I'd be annoyed at the constant grilling too. She tells him she went back to the office for work, and she should have called. But while she says this, it shows us her going into Wyatt's office to kiss him. Kevin tells her he reads people for a living and knows she's leaving something out. She says she's telling him everything, but in her memory, Wyatt tells her to take her clothes off. Oh, and they have a blue tint in the flashbacks, but it's not like the flashback blue in Veronica Mars, but more like the way the vampires looked in Twilight, so Addison looks like the living dead. But she starts kissing Kevin to make him forget about it, which he seems to.

Addison and Naomi are in the hall at Oceanside, and Addison wonders if the reason Naomi looks so great (read: cleavage showing) is that she might have a date tonight. Naomi tells her mysteriously that it's not exactly a date, but she won't elaborate. She met a handsome male colleague the previous night. Naomi wants Addison to spill on whether she slept with Wyatt, and then Naomi will tell hers. Addison changes the subject to patients, specifically the mom they have in labor who is waiting while they talk about nothing. How selfish of Addison to change the subject like that.

In labor is Dell's Drama, Judy, whom I will always think of as Hannah, basically because I will take any excuse to think about Everwood. Dell's in there with her, coaching her through contractions, so at least she has someone since none of the Oceanside doctors seem to do anything, ever. Hannah wonders why the adoptive parents aren't here, since it's their baby. She wants the baby taken away quickly before she sees it, so she doesn't change her mind and want to keep it. It's time to start pushing, so Dell gets to let her push once. But then a monitor starts beeping, and Addison tells her the baby's stuck on her pelvic bone and that she'll have to push it back in and then get her to the hospital for a C-section. Hannah screams as Addison apparently puts the baby back in. Which, yeah, ouch.

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Private Practice




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